50 Cent Says 'Delusional' Cam'ron Is Hurting Diplomats Camp

'He's doing more damage to his crew than I could ever do,' 50 claims.

50 Cent is laughing straight through his feud with Cam'ron — and all the way to the bank. When Cam came out dissing 50, making a song and accompanying pair of videos called "Cuurtis," 50 promptly flipped the whole scenario and named his next album Curtis. Mo' money! When 50 tried to play mind games, saying the Diplomats should kick out Cam and nominate Jim Jones as the new head of the organization, some shrugged it off. Lo and behold, a few weeks later, Jones went public with his gripes about Cam and said he's distancing himself from his longtime friend, musical collaborator and business partner.

So now what's next? Well last week, 50 appeared on BET's "106 & Park" and said Cam'ron was basically in his house, scared to come outside because of a recent altercation he had at a New York nightclub with Roc-A-Fella recording artist Tru-Life.

Cam'ron immediately responded, posting a videotape message online from his vacation home. He appeared on camera standing poolside and wearing blue boxer shorts, a white iPod tank top and socks to match. He told 50 enigmatically, "You ain't left alone, brother. You're not left alone." Cam also warned that it would be a "hot summer" — that he's off probation now and that, when his vacation ends Friday, he's going to give 50 the middle finger. "Get my pool in the back," he said to the cameraman as he walked off. A second part of the Cam footage that surfaced showed a close-up shot of the usually tapered-up MC with his hair and mustache unkempt.

50 Cent sent a message to the fans the same day via Hot 97 radio personality Miss Info. In it he said, "My whirlpool is bigger than Cam's swimming pool. And he shouldn't be in front of no camera with Daisy Dukes on."

On Monday afternoon, 50 talked to MTV News, elaborating more on the situation.

(Watch 50 Cent laugh off Cam'ron's disses, and see him talk about working with Justin Timberlake.)

"It doesn't make sense," he said. "For him to shoot a video message in front of his pool in underwear, it doesn't make sense. I think he's delusional. For him to make any financial reference, being in the financial space he's in and where I'm at financially, doesn't make sense. He's just upset, he's angry.

"He's mad because he knows the perception of him and his situation," 50 added. "He's doing more damage to his crew than I could ever do. He's put them in a real awkward situation with his choices. When they had momentum, they had Jimmy out there doing records, Juelz was out there, they was doing good. Then they let this guy out there and look what happened. It's gonna be a 'hot summer.' What is he talking about? I'm waiting for the summer."

50 won't give Cam credit for inspiring him to title his album Curtis,or its in-your-face artwork (check it out right here) — but he did shrug off the NYC Harlemite's using his birth name to dis him.

"He's delusional," 50 reiterated. "For a person to think that calling you the name your mom gave you at birth is disrespectful is beyond belief. He's punished himself more than I can punish him. He's made a fool of himself. There's nobody asking me about Cam'ron. ... I think people lost interest in it, based on the situation. He's not even relevant. You're talking about a guy who sold 270,000 [copies] his last record. I sold 9.8 million my last record. I'm not going to exhaust my audience by talking about somebody they have no interest in."

To be continued.