Snoop Dogg Hopes 'Entourage' Role Leads To A 'Wire' Hookup

'I love good TV,' rapper says.

Snoop Dogg is taking it from the LBC to Hollywood once again: The legendary MC recently filmed a role for the HBO dramedy "Entourage."

The Dogg admitted he's a huge fan of the program but did have a hidden agenda for wanting to mix it up with Ari, Turtle and the gang.

(What show would Snoop like to appear on next? Find out in this video.)

"That's a great show," he explained. "I'm glad they had me do that. I love good TV. HBO is doing their thing with 'Entourage' and 'The Wire' and 'Sopranos.'

"They called me to be a part of ['Entourage'], I used that as leverage to try and be on 'The Wire,' " he continued with a smile. "You know how I get down. I'm trying to get in the system. I'm the type of person that if I love something, I'mma say it. If you an artist and you fly, I'mma tell you, 'Yo homie, I like what you do. You fly, you off the hook. Can I get with you?' That's how I was with 'Entourage,' that's how I am with 'The Wire.' They ain't call me yet. They just using my name in there."

Snoop Dogg is referring to Snoop from "The Wire" — the homicidally unabashed hit woman who goes by the same name and is played by Felicia Pearson. The Snoop born Calvin Broadus appears on "Entourage" in July. He plays himself.

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