'Spider-Man 3' Takes A Dive — But Still Keeps Zombies And Lindsay From #1

'28 Weeks Later,' 'Georgia Rule' can't compete with Spidey's $60 million weekend.

The Top Five

#1 "Spider-Man 3" ($60 million)

#2 "28 Weeks Later" ($10 million)

#3 "Georgia Rule" ($5.9 million)

#4 "Disturbia" ($4.9 million)

#5 "Delta Farce" ($3.5 million)

How do you live up to perfection? With great difficulty, it seems. Just seven days after wowing the world and obliterating the record for highest-grossing weekend in history, "Spider-Man 3" fell 60 percent to land in first place with $60 million. The third installment in the popular series managed to have the fourth highest second-weekend haul ever, but failed to live up to at least some of its initial promise.

But is it really a disappointment? Criticizing a movie that made $60 million domestically, and an additional $85 million internationally, is a bit like taunting Tiger Woods for coming in second at the Masters. By racking up $242.1 million since its release, "Spider-Man 3" boasts the second highest 10-day total in history. The film's worldwide total of $621.7 million — which already makes it the 30th most successful movie of all time after only two weeks — is a figure that seems lacking only to those with the most bloated and outrageous expectations.

Stateside, however, it does now seem like "Spider-Man 3" won't match the gargantuan heights of the previous two installments. With no real competition to speak of, the film still took a steeper dip than the 37.8 percent second-weekend drop of the original and 48.7 percent drop of its sequel. And unlike with those two films, the coming weeks for "Spider-Man 3" are fraught with peril: "Shrek the Third" opens next weekend, while "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End" bows the week after.

But that's news for another day. Today our friendly neighborhood spider man can bask in the sunshine of his accomplishments, unafraid of the rain that will soon come to wash him down the water spout.

Coming in second with a surprisingly robust $10 million was "28 Weeks Later," a sequel of such rare quality that we're already asking for "28 Months Later." "Georgia Rule," "Disturbia," and "Delta Farce" rounded out the top five, while Zach Braff's "The Ex" failed to land in the top 10, pulling in only $1.4 million to fall to 12th place.

How'd We Do?

Mark Twain once remarked that there were three types of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics. So while this week's stats will show a well-deserved point for Larry Carroll, who amazingly predicted exactly $60 million for "Spider-Man 3" (see " 'Spider-Man 3' Will Net A Whole Lot More, In Projection Booth"), that same point should go to celebrity guest Dallas Jenkins as well. Jenkins' original prediction of $60 million was changed because it came in after Larry's.

Prognosticator (Weeks Won)

Josh Horowitz, MTV Movies editor (14)

Larry Carroll, MTV News writer (9)

Celebrity guests (5)

In Perspective

We're on record elsewhere on this site as saying that the very best things in life come in threes: colors on the American flag, parts to the psyche, little pigs — you know, the really important stuff. But the very best three of all, no doubt, is the threequel (see "Hey Shrek And Captain Jack: Try These Tips For A Successful Threequel"). With $242 million, "Spider-Man 3" passed "X-Men: The Last Stand" as the fifth most successful third installment in history. Here then, is a list of the top performing threequels ever, a list that will no doubt be completely rewritten by summer's end thanks to "Spider-Man 3," "Shrek the Third" and "Pirates."

#1 "Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith" ($380.3 million)

#2 "Lord of the Rings: Return of the King" ($377 million)

#3 "Star Wars: Return of the Jedi" ($309.3 million)

#4 "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban" ($249 million)

#5 "Spider-Man 3" ($242.1 million)

Next Week

If there's anything scarier than a giant man made of sand or a black symbiote from space, it's an ogre. So scary, in fact, that not one single movie is opening in wide-release next week with the exception of "Shrek the Third." We kneel before the new king of Far, Far, Away and beg for his mercy ... please don't be a disappointment.

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