Maguire, Dunst, Grace Get Into Swing Of Things At 'Spider-Man 3' U.S. Premiere

Stars light up film's U.S. premiere in Peter Parker's hometown of Queens, New York.

NEW YORK — On Monday night, Spider-Man finally came home.

In other words, "Spider-Man 3" made its U.S. premiere in New York City's borough of Queens: Peter Parker's hometown.

Web-heads came out in droves to watch the cast walk down the black — not red — carpet. The film already had its world premiere in Tokyo on April 16 (and in London a week later), but that didn't seem to dim the excitement for the film's actors on Monday night — or the crowd of screaming fans.

James Franco, who reprises the role of troubled rich-boy Harry Osborn, was grinning ear to ear: "This is, I think, the biggest turnout we have had all over the world!"

(Check out photos of Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst, Topher Grace, James Franco and more from the premiere right here.)

And while he wasn't around for the filming of the first two flicks, Topher Grace (making his villainous debut as fan-favorite Venom) picked up on the homecoming vibe. "Well, Manhattan is where Spider-Man lives," he said, "but Queens is where this all started. You know this is Spider-Man's [home], and to be here, the energy is just amazing."

That energy peaked when Tobey Maguire abruptly appeared — no slow saunter down the carpet for him — suddenly emerging on the other side of the carpet from the rest of the stars. The crowd shrieked and interviews had to be momentarily stopped as photographers wheeled around to photograph the star.

The commotion didn't seem to bother Maguire or director Sam Raimi. When Maguire saw the director being interviewed by MTV News, he lunged playfully at the microphone and interrupted, "Oh, we're just so excited to give you the movie. We're very proud if it — and Sam did an adequate job in making it."

Kirsten Dunst just took in the whole scene calmly. "I feel like I'm in some weird dream right now," she said. "The more crazy it gets the more mellow I get." After a pause, she added: "I mean, this is not normal, it's nuts! It's great, but it's nuts."

The rest of the country can get in on the action on May 4, when "Spider-Man 3" swings into theaters nationwide.

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