Chingy Is 'Back With The Crew' On Ludacris' Disturbing Tha Peace Label

Rapper had nasty split with imprint in 2004 after accusing DTP of financial wrongdoing.

Ludacris has been in Atlanta for months working on Strength in Numbers, the next compilation by his Disturbing Tha Peace record label.

More surprisingly, not only are the two making music together, they are back to doing business together. According to DTP, Chingy is back with the camp. At the end of 2004, Chingy's split from the imprint seemed irreparable (see "Ludacris Declares That 'All Respect Is Lost' For Chingy").

"It's a contract thing," the St. Louis MC had told MTV News of his defection. "I don't want to get into that. Me and the management had our differences. Plus, I'm trying to develop my business mind. Ain't nobody going to do for me like I'mma do for me. Ain't nobody gonna look out for me like I'mma look out for me. I had to step aside, start my own thing. Now I'm watching what's going on, giving my opinion and word. If something gets messed up, then blame it on me."

Ludacris had a harsher stance. "This is the first time we hear about his accusations [of financial wrongdoing], in a tabloid or through different media outlets, so all respect is lost," 'Cris responded to MTV News. "He keeps saying it's cool. It's not cool. ... It's completely over. ... We don't want anybody representing the crew who's gonna make false accusations like that. We have no respect for this individual, basically."

On Thursday, Chingy confirmed the reunion in his own words when a new song called "Make That Money" hit the Net.

"Was gone for a minute, back with the crew/ Who? DTP, so if you on top, we came to move you," he raps.

There is no word yet if Chingy, who put out three albums on Capitol, will join 'Cris at Def Jam. A title and release date for the DTP compilation has not been released yet.

And while Ludacris might be gaining one member, he lost another. Shawnna recently went public with her amicable split from the label family.