Lil Jon, Trick Daddy Among Boatload Of Guests On Pitbull's Boatlift

'You come through Miami and you got to see me one way or another,' rapper says of collabos on upcoming LP.

For most artists, songs usually come together with the help of a producer or collaborators. But the lead track from Pitbull's upcoming album Boatlift, due May 22, was actually put together by ... a secretary?

"I was up in New York, in Quad Studios, and was supposed to be working with my dawg Jim Jonsin, who's a big producer," the Miami rapper said, explaining how his song "Sticky Icky" came together. "And he was on the ninth floor. But when I go to the secretary and say, 'Yo, I'm here to see Jim Jonsin,' she thought I said, 'Jim Jones.' So she sent me to the seventh floor [instead]. I walk into the studio, and I see Jim Jones with all his goons. So I said, 'It's destiny for us to make a record.' I already had 'Sticky Icky,' so the next day I brought him that record and he just knocked it out."

The Lil Jon-produced song features more Miami bass than fans of Pit's recent tracks might be used to. But the Cuban-American rapper said Boatlift leans more to his rap roots than his previous album.

"It's a part two to El Mariel but more urban-based," Pit said. "There's more street records on there. I'm giving them another side to Pitbull. I had all the club records — you can easily go 45 minutes in the club just off my records. I just want to take these folks for a ride on this album based on what I know."

To help out, Pitbull enlisted not only Lil Jon and Jonsin on the boards but Mr. Collipark and the Diaz Brothers as well. And he said to expect collabos with Trick Daddy, T-Pain, Fabo of D4L and Trina, who's on the next single, "Go Girl."

"That's more uptempo," Pitbull said of the Trina track. "It's definitely a club joint, but with a street twist. This whole album is gonna be a lot more hard-core beats. The Afro-Cuban sound on my last album is gonna come to fruition more on my [Spanish-language] album."

In the meantime, Pit is working out the final track list for Boatlift, which features more guests than he's had before. To hear it from Pit, artists are lining up to work with him.

"You come through Miami and you got to see me one way or another," he said. "You come to the club, and you see me surrounded by four, five amazing-looking Latin women, and you like, 'Yeah, I definitely got to work with him.' [He laughs.] I ain't even gone platinum yet, and I got all the women. They like, 'What is the deal?' "