Box-Office Beef: Shia's 'Disturbia' Destroys Bruce Willis' 'Stranger'

LaBeouf thriller takes #1, knocking 'Blades of Glory' from it's two-week perch.

The Top Five

#1 "Disturbia" ($23 million)

#2 "Blades of Glory" ($14 million)

#3 "Meet the Robinsons" ($12.1 million)

#4 "Perfect Stranger" ($11.5 million)

#5 "Are We Done Yet?" ($9.2 million)

Hot on the heels of news that he is officially set to star in the next installment of the "Indiana Jones" series, Shia LaBeouf whipped up a treasure of his own — $23 million and a first-place finish at the weekend box office. After weeks of fan speculation and repeated denials from LaBeouf himself, the Friday announcement from "Jones" director Steven Spielberg may have given the Spielberg-produced "Disturbia" a shot in the arm, lifting the film to a better-than-anticipated haul and the highest per-screen average of any flick in the top 20.

From Hitchcock to mock-kitsch, the Will-Ferrell-powered comedy "Blades of Glory" continued to outperform the competition, skating by a host of new releases to wind up in second place, down only 37 percent in its third weekend. And while "Meet the Robinsons" isn't ever going to be confused with "Shrek," the computer-animated Disney tale about a young boy who journeys to the future has shown remarkable staying power after a tepid opening, finishing its third week in third place with $12.1 million.

But there's no dance of joy for "Perfect Stranger." Just like a tired reference to an '80s Friday-night sitcom, the Halle Berry/ Bruce Willis cyber thriller disappointed, finishing in fourth place with $11.5 million. Willis, of course, will rebound this summer, with the action-packed fourth installment to the "Die Hard" series. Berry should rebound too, with ... we don't know what. She does know she's won an Oscar, right?

And speaking of Oscars, plenty of studio executives must be feeling mighty grouchy on Monday. Audiences continued to reject the Quentin Tarantino/ Robert Rodriguez double bill "Grindhouse," which earned only $4.2 million, falling to 10th place. And after a promotional stunt that scared the meatballs out of an entire city (see " 'Aqua Teen' Incident Begs Question: Have We Become Too Paranoid?"), the fast-food heroes at the center of "Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters" were good for only $3 million and a 13th place finish. Master Shake is apparently no match for Master LaBeouf.

Among other new releases, "Pathfinder: Legend of the Ghost Rider" and "Year of the Dog" performed the best. The former took in $4.8 million in finishing in sixth place, while the latter boasted a $16,000 per-screen average in limited release.

How'd We Do?

We really wanted to award this week's contest to "In the Land of Women" star Adam Brody, who correctly predicted "Disturbia" without going over — never mind the fact that he was $10 million off the mark (see "Projection Booth: Can 'Disturbia' Scare Away The Neighbors?"). But when we told our good friend and colleague Larry Carroll about this, he threatened to take our weekly celebrity predictions and merely add a dollar each time. (So much for our "The Price is Right" rules.) In the end, we agreed. There can be no doubt but that Larry deserves this week's crown — his prediction of $24 million was nearly perfect.

Prognosticator (Weeks Won)

Josh Horowitz, MTV Movies editor (14)

Larry Carroll, MTV News writer (8)

Celebrity guests (3)

In Perspective

He's one of the fastest-rising stars in Hollywood, and if you needed any more proof that Shia LaBeouf's time is now, look no further than his top-five box-office openings. (We excluded films where he wasn't a lead character, such as "I, Robot.") Oh yeah, and within the next 18 months, he's got "Surf's Up," "Transformers," and "Indiana Jones 4" on the way.

· "Constantine" (2005, $29.7 million)

· "Disturbia" (2007, $23 million)

· "Holes" (2003, $16.3 million)

· "The Greatest Game Ever Played" (2005, $3.7 million)

· "A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints" (2006, $94,784)

Next Week

If most weekends are a entrée, next weekend is a buffet, with enough choice to make sure everyone goes home satisfied. There's a horror movie starring Luke Wilson and Kate Beckinsale ("Vacancy"), a criminal thriller with Ryan Gosling ("Fracture"), and a Jon-Kasdan-directed romance with Adam Brody ("In the Land of Women."

And, well, we don't know what exactly to call "Hot Fuzz." An action movie? A comedy? A satire? If it's anything like the genre-splitting "Shaun of the Dead," it'll be all three. And that makes it the film to beat next week.

Check out everything we've got on "Disturbia," "Blades of Glory" and "Meet the Robinsons".

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