Multiplayer Stock Report: 'Medal Of Honor,' 'Pogo Island' & More

Plus: 'Super Paper Mario,' 'Tetris Evolution,' 'Konami Classics Series: Arcade Hits,' 'Command & Conquer 3.'

Once a week I've provided a Stock Report to give you a sense of which games are streaming into the MTV News offices in New York and how companies are trying to grab our attention. The games arrive at my desk throughout the week, hand-delivered by our men in the mailroom. What I receive and am tallying below are the final store-ready copies of games. If I got it, your local gaming store probably got it this week, too. I just don't think the game stores get the swag. That's fair. I don't get the giant cardboard stand-ups of Lara Croft and Master Chief.

The Stock Report:

Number of games at MTV News HQ: 297

Last three games to arrive: "Medal of Honor Vanguard" (Wii and PS2), "Konami Classics Series: Arcade Hits" (DS), "UEFA Champions League 2006-2007: Official Video Game" (PSP and Xbox 360)

Last system to arrive: PS3

Last swag to arrive: white cardboard 3-D glasses for "Super Paper Mario," even though the game can't be played while they're worn (that's what "Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves" on PS2 was for)

Notes on games received this week:

"Super Paper Mario" (Wii)

· inspired Wednesday's Multiplayer (see "Multiplayer: The Best Eye Candy Nintendo Has To Offer")

"Pogo Island" (DS; x 2; *SISW - see below)

· our first double-mailing in 2007

· a collection of shorter games

· demoed by EA in February at the MTV News offices in New York

· first EA DS title not stripped down from an EA console series

"Tetris Evolution" (Xbox 360; *SISW)

· carries seal labeling it an "Authentic Tetris Game"

"Medal of Honor Vanguard" (Wii and PS2; *SISW)

· first game released simultaneously for Sony's blockbuster old system and Nintendo's hot new one, a pairing publishers appear eager to exploit

· next such PS2/Wii combo "Manhunt 2" coming in summer

· "MoHV" slogan is "You don't play. You volunteer."

"Konami Classics Series: Arcade Hits" (DS; *SISW)

· game's 15 "classics" include "Contra," "Track and Field" and "Horror Maze" (?)

· box states "no quarters necessary"

"UEFA Champions League 2006-2007: Official Video Game" (PSP and Xbox 360; *SISW)

· soccer game, a Multiplayer knowledge blind spot

"Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars" (PC; *SISW)

· partial inspiration for MP entry last week (see "Multiplayer: Can Gaming Become A Spectator's Sport?")

· box indicates MTV News' copy is limited edition, number 66,274 of 100,000

*SISW = still in shrink-wrap (we'll get to them later!)

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