A.M. Surf Report: Fergie Responds To Alanis; Game Slaps Vida Back; Avril Denies Britney Trash Talk

'My Humps' inspires special delivery; Game keeps Guerra beef going; Avril has nothing to say about Britney.

The news happens all the time, even while you're catching up on your beauty sleep. Check out this brief rundown to bring you up to speed this morning — a quick heads up from your friends at MTV News.

Here's what we've got:

Chamillionaire doesn't care what you think of him anymore. The Houston rapper told us that the success of The Sound of Revenge helped him realize that he had to make music he enjoyed, regardless of its commercial appeal. Cham says he's going back to his mixtape roots on Ultimate Victory, though his guest roster — which includes Snoop Dogg, Kelis, Busta Rhymes and Lil Wayne — certainly sounds like money in the bank.

H.I.M. tell us that they don't have the first single from their next album picked — they haven't even finished recording yet — but they do know who they want directing their next video: Bam Margera.

And "Battlestar Galactica" producer Ronald D. Moore spills some secrets on the sci-fi series' future, but doesn't sound too keen on bringing the world to the big screen. "I don't know that there's a great theatrical story out there waiting to be told," he told us. Think of all the films we'd have missed if that stopped everyone.

Quote of the Day: "Yes, we do play Dungeons & Dragons, and we're not ashamed to admit it." — 3 Inches of Blood's Jamie Hooper

Here's what everyone else is talking about:

Fergie either really likes Alanis Morissette's surreal cover of "My Humps" or she's a very good sport. TMZ.com reports that the lady Pea sent Alanis flowers after she saw the video, according to "a source close to" Fergie. This may quiet those "You Can't Do That on Television"/ "Kids Incorporated" beef rumors.

Game is keeping one of his own beefs rolling with a new dis for Vida Guerra. He'd questioned the video vixen's talents on "Wouldn't Get Far", and Vida recently responded with a questionable rap questioning Game's sexuality. The Game's latest response, which premiered on L.A.'s Power 106, isn't his finest lyrical hour — one highlight has him rhyming "... turn me down" with "... burn me, wow."

Avril totally ripped Britney in an interview with British paper The Sun. Except maybe she didn't. Avril said Thursday in an interview with L.A. radio station Star 98.7 — TMZ has an MP3 — that a quote slapping her fellow singer ("What happened to Britney is all down to who she is as a person.") never happened. "I haven't even been talking about her."

If starving could send Sanjaya home (it didn't), maybe non-stop eating will keep him around. That's the idea behind Binge Eating for Sanjaya. What is it about this kid that inspires bad relationships with food? Oh, and the theory that call centers in India are keeping him in the running is probably half-baked. The Associated Press reports that not only are personal calls virtually impossible at most of these operations, but "Idol" also airs a day late in India — to little interest.

"Idol" season five finalist Lisa Tucker has been cast in the Fox pilot "Born in the U.S.A." according to The Hollywood Reporter. No, she doesn't play Bruce Springsteen in the drama, but wouldn't that be something?

And a Chinese take on "American Idol" called "Happy Boys Voice" has been mandated by the country's broadcast regulator to avoid outlandish hairstyles, crying contestants and humiliating critiques, AP reports. "No weirdness," the notice to producers stated. So it really isn't like "Idol" at all.