Game Slams Yayo, Jabs At 50 In New Dis Track

'What type of [person] put his hands on kids?' Game asks in 'Body Bags.'

Just weeks after G-Unit's Young Buck told MTV News that he and the Game had discussed trying to end the feud between their two camps, the Game has released a new song called "Body Bags" on his MySpace page that takes G-Unit's Tony Yayo to task over his alleged roughing up of Game manager Jimmy "Henchman" Rosemond's 14-year-old son — and gets in some digs at 50 Cent, as well.

"F--- the whole G-Unit," Game sneers on the track, asking, "Who lied to Buck?"

In the track, Game lashes out at Yayo for allegedly striking the boy (see "G-Unit's Tony Yayo Arrested — Reportedly For Slapping Game's Manager's Teen Son"), and goes on to say that he'd kidnap Yayo's child — but then feed him and bring him home to play with Game's son, Harlem.

"What type of [person] put his hands on kids?" he raps. "No, we don't do the kid-slappin'/ We do the kid-snatching/ 'Eyewitness news? There's been a kidnapping!'/ Feed him real good, take him home, play with Harlem/ Sit by the phone, just wait: It's ya daddy calling."

The song's first verse finds Game taunting 50, claiming that Nas and Fat Joe won't associate with him, and adds that the G-Unit leader has so many enemies if something were to happen to him, police would have so many suspects they wouldn't know where to begin.

"Fat Joe don't f--- with you, Nas don't like you," he raps, "So who they gonna blame when that long-nose [gun] snipe you?"

Game goes on to criticize 50 on the track for reportedly trying to make peace with Cam'ron and the Diplomats (in the wake of an on-air argument on New York radio station Hot 97) but not reaching out to Henchman.

"Currrrrtisss! Trying to make peace with Dipset/ But you ain't even address the beef with Jim [Henchman] yet," he raps.

The track, which uses the same Sugar Minott "Murda!" sample recently used by Juelz Santana and Ja Rule, is set to appear on Game's next mixtape, according to frequent collaborator DJ Skee. Skee confirmed the mixtape, U Know What It Is, Vol. 4, will be released later this week, and contains even more controversial lyrics.

"He takes some shots [throughout]," Skee confirmed.

Game, 50 and members of the G-Unit have said little to nothing to the press regarding the case, although their attorneys have (see "Was 50 Cent Present During Yayo Incident? Question Is At Heart Of Lawyers' War Of Words"). A press conference was held in New York on Monday in which supporters of Henchman challenged 50 and his label, Interscope Records, to speak up regarding the matter (see "50 Cent Launches Own Investigation Into Tony Yayo Incident"). The incident took place just days after Young Buck told MTV News he and Game had spoken about clearing up the ill will between the two camps (see >"Young Buck Spoke With Game And Jada, Followed Jim Jones' Lead.").

Representatives for Game, 50 and Rosemond had not granted MTV News' requests for comment at press time.