Cate Blanchett Will Reportedly Star In 'Indiana Jones 4'

Long-awaited sequel due in May 2008.

You have chosen ... wisely?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Oscar winner and "Babel" star Cate Blanchett has been tapped to star in the fourth installment of the "Indiana Jones" series, the latest installment of the serial from the Hollywood power triumvirate of George Lucas, Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford (see "George Lucas Says Indiana Jones Will Return In May 2008").

Although Blanchett's role has not been officially announced, as an actress of considerable clout, her involvement would seem to indicate that a new leading lady will appear in Indiana's life. If true, this would deny months of fan speculation that "Raiders of the Lost Ark" love interest Marion Ravenwood (Karen Allen) would return and the two would be joined by son Shia LaBeouf (see "Shia LaBeouf Denies 'Indiana Jones 4' Casting, Says Indy Should Have A Daughter").

Unfortunately, very little about the eagerly anticipated project is known for sure. The screenplay by Spielberg fave David Koepp is being kept under tight wraps, with only vague hints from Lucas to sate fan anticipation (see "George Lucas Talks Retirement, Brand-New Film, 'Indy 4,' 'Star Wars' ").

"Indiana Jones 4" is set to open May 22, 2008.

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