A Blunter James Blunt? Singer Says Next LP Will Have 'A Bit Of Grit'

Singer/songwriter, recording in L.A., says sophomore album should be out by fall.

After a couple of years of disrupted sleep, James Blunt is finally in Los Angeles getting some serious shut-eye.

"Having spent two years in a bus with my keyboard player in a bunk below me and the guitarist just opposite me, it's kind of mad to be in a bed where you can't hear other people snoring," said Blunt, who was in the news recently for allegedly accidentally running over an autograph seeker's foot with his car while leaving an Oscar party.

Blunt finished his world tour at the end of November, and in between naps, the British singer/songwriter best known for "You're Beautiful"

has spent most of his time writing his second album.

"I've had a bit of time to sit back, take some time off and write the odd song or two," Blunt said.

Actually, he's written the entire album, and now he's hitting an L.A. studio to record it.

Blunt hinted that the sophomore effort will go in a different direction from his debut. "It's got a good '70s feel to it," he said. "I guess it's the next chapter in how I feel."

A lot of the new sounds fans can expect from the album come from the same sources that hindered James' tour-bus beauty rest.

"I'm recording with my band, who have toured with me for two years, so they know the new songs and they give a bit of grit and edge that perhaps wasn't there when I was doing it on my own," the singer said.

The album should be finished by the end of spring and on shelves by fall.

"I'm pretty efficient in the way I write," Blunt said. "If it's not a good song, I'll stop writing halfway through and say it's not good. So if I finish the song, normally it means that it should be close enough to be getting on an album."