Elisha Cuthbert Gets 'Sassy,' Ponders Future Of '24'

Actress currently filming remake of Korean flick 'My Sassy Girl.'

Elisha Cuthbert was called a lot of things during her time as the oft-imperiled Kim Bauer on "24," but the star of recent flicks such as "The Girl Next Door" and "House of Wax" wants to add another adjective to the list: sassy.

The actress is currently shooting "My Sassy Girl," a remake of the smash Korean flick of the same name (see "Elisha Cuthbert Gets Her Sassy On In Unusual Romantic Comedy"). Cuthbert recently talked with MTV Canada about what makes her sassy, choosy and, well, 54th on anyone's list.

MTV: For those unfamiliar with the Korean film, what's "My Sassy Girl" about?

Elisha Cuthbert: It's a funny and beautiful romantic comedy bout two people finding each other and being almost polar opposites, but somehow falling in love despite all of that. There are so many elements to it. There's comedy, there's serious moments, emotional moments and also really enchanting moments where we go into this crazy world of fantasy and make believe and kind of bring it all together. It's really great.

MTV: So what does it take to become a sassy girl?

Cuthbert: I think five years ago I wouldn't have been able to do it, just because I think it takes a lot of guts and fearlessness to do comedy. Now I feel comfortable enough to do it, and I think it's really working. At least I think it's working.

MTV: How do you choose your roles?

Cuthbert: One, story is the main priority — does the movie read well, and does the overall idea of the movie work? And then, two, the character. That's how I base my decisions. And who else I'm working with and all that [come after].

MTV: How would that affect your involvement in a "24" movie?

Cuthbert: Well, I heard it may happen after the show is done, if that even happens. But if it does [happen], and they want me, and Kiefer wants me, I would love to. Of course! I love the show.

MTV: Even before "24," you were known to a lot of people as the girl on "Popular Mechanics for Kids."

Cuthbert: It was like film school in a lot of ways because I was 14, 15 years old, and I got to experience not only filming but filming quickly, and traveling, and going to new places, and learning lines on the spot, and improvising and being really comfortable in front of the camera. So, to me, I look back on it as such a huge learning experience.

MTV: And you got to meet Hillary Clinton, who turned out to be a fan.

Cuthbert: It was great. It was surreal. Here I was 16 years old, in the White House, meeting the first lady. [I was thinking,] "What is going on right now?" We talked, and she still invites me to all her charity events. I felt, "Wow, we're really doing something important with this show." It's educational and great for kids. And it was syndicated all over the world. It got me out there in such a huge way. I'm glad kids are still watching it — even though I don't look the same — it was a great experience for me.

MTV: Don't look the same? You're routinely ranked as one of the hottest women on these magazine lists.

Cuthbert: I have this theory about the lists of the [sexiest] 100 [women]. I've been 54. I've been 10. But I think it has a lot to do with popularity. If you seem to be in the public eye quite a bit, you tend to get thrown on the list. When "24" was out I was way up there, and then it sort of went back down. And then "The Girl Next Door" came out and it was back up to [a high] number. So I think it has a lot to do with just being out there and the public seeing you, but I don't know — there's a lot of beautiful women out there.

MTV: Do you keep those photos of yourself?

Cuthbert: No, but my mom does. (She laughs.)

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