Next Move For Justin's Grammy Duet Partner? You Can Count 'Idol' Out ...

Instant celebrity Robyn Troup plots next move after rubbing elbows with Kanye, singing for Mary J.

LOS ANGELES — When MTV News interviewed Robyn Troup backstage at the Grammys, she had been a celebrity for, oh, about 45 minutes. And yet she skirted questions like a seasoned veteran.

After "American Idol" co-executive producer Nigel Lythgoe revealed a few days earlier that one of the three "My Grammy Moment" finalists had made it to the Hollywood round on the show's sixth season, Troup was asked if she ever had "Idol" aspirations.

"No, not really," she replied after winning a performance with Justin Timberlake and T.I. on the Grammy stage (see "Timberlake Rocks; Blige Weeps; Chicks, Chilis Clean Up At Grammys"). "I really didn't know what this was when I got involved in it, but I'm glad that I did and I think it's a lot different from 'American Idol' in a way, 'cause it's one time. You're not on this show for, like, three months and everybody's getting to see you over and over and over again. It's just like, that's your moment. Take it."

As any of the 30 million or so Americans who watched "Idol" on Tuesday know, Troup was in fact on the show and was eliminated after her group song with early standout Sundance Head. Troup legally had to keep quiet Sunday because the episode had yet to air.

Still, she showed her dodging prowess again when asked if she already has representation to field the calls she was likely to get after her performance with Timberlake aired. "Um, you know, I'm just going with the flow right now," she said.

So what is Troup's next step (aside from laughing in the "Idol" judges faces)? "Just bigger and better things," she said vaguely.

And, well, that could be tough given a few of the facts from Sunday night. Let's review:

» 20.1 million people watched her win the "My Grammy Moment" contest (beating out thousands of other participants) and singing "Ain't No Sunshine" and "My Love" with Timberlake.

» Backstage, Troup met hero Mary J. Blige, whom she saw in the audience during her Grammy performance.

» She sat next to Kanye West during the show.

» Oh, and it was her 19th birthday.

Neil Portnow, president of the Recording Academy, said he would decide whether to continue the contest in future years after seeing the ratings the next day. The show, it turned out, was up 18 percent from last year.

As for Lythgoe, he was honored the Grammys used the "Idol" concept to boost ratings.

"It's not just the Grammys — everybody would love the success that we're enjoying at this moment in time with 'American Idol,' " he said (see " 'American Idol' Imitators Find Success As Elusive As A Rave From Simon"). "If I was running the Grammys, I would have [done the same]. It's just one of those things you get used to in the business. When the next huge success comes along, whatever it might be, I'm sure we'll all be thinking, 'How can we feed off of that?' We are a very shark-driven society here and there's a feeding fest on every success that comes on television."

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