Mo' Grammys: We Salute John Mayer's Japanese, Prince's Eternal Cool And More

Also honored: Luda's O'Reilly shout-out, Imogen's get-up, Justin's duet partner.

With more than 100 awards handed out over the course of seven hours, you'd think the Grammys would have covered all their bases. But after sitting through the broadcast and sifting through the winners, we couldn't help but think that there are a few more honors that should have been handed out.

So for your consideration, we humbly offer up our first ever Mo' Grammys:

Wish You Were Here Award: Rick Rubin, a legendary figure who generates a ton of Grammys and a ton of love. Would have been great to see him shine in the spotlight.

Best Foreign Film, Short Subject: John Mayer, for answering in Japanese when Ryan Seacrest asked about a rumored romance with Jessica Simpson.

Björk Memorial Grammy: Imogen Heap, for going beyond the swan and bringing the whole pond, lily pads and all (see "Justin, T.I. And John Mayer's Suits Show Up Ladies' Sequins On Grammy Red Carpet").

Best Oscar Performance: Beyoncé, who killed it with a passionate performance of "Listen," even though it wasn't up for a Grammy. Tune in two weeks from now, though, to see how it does at the Oscars, where it actually is nominated.

Best Shout-Out: Bill O'Reilly, sarcastically saluted by Ludacris after the rapper's win for Best Rap Album (see "Timberlake Rocks; Blige Weeps; Chicks, Chilis Clean Up At Grammys"). Runner-up: Nelson Muntz, the the "ha-ha"-spewing "Simpsons" bully quoted by Dixie Chick Natalie Maines (alas, Principal Skinner remains overlooked on Grammy night once again).

Duo We Hope Never Cut an Album: The presenting duo of Rihanna and David Spade — we're begging you, don't even think about it. Runner-up: the presenting duo of Queen Latifah and Al Gore (though we're sure Al's got mad flow).

Coolest Mo-Fo of the Night: Prince, rising from beneath the stage, simply saying, "One word: Beyoncé," and taking a bow. That's how cool is done, kids. Runner-up: T.I. — he's onstage, he's selling me Chevys, he's everywhere.

Bad Move of the Night: Grammy producers for starting the "get off the stage" music when living legends Tony Bennett and Stevie Wonder were accepting the night's first award. We're sorry, were they already behind schedule five minutes into the show? And do you have someone bigger than these two that we need to get to? Runner-up: Rascal Flatts frontman Gary LeVox, for playing air guitar during his band's performance.

Kleenex Lifetime Achievement Award: Mary J. Blige, who always delivers the emotion and the waterworks — and who seemed to be misty-eyed on the red carpet before the show even started.

Hot Look of the Night: OK Go, who somehow covered themselves from head to toe in a grandmother's old couch. Big ups for bringing some much-needed irreverence.

Best Use of the "Blair Witch" Cam: Justin Timberlake. Holding that thing that close to your face is a brave move for a man who was battling the flu.

Swashbuckler of the Night: Béla Fleck and the Flecktones bassist Victor Wooten, who took the stage dressed as a pirate, striking a blow for buccaneers everywhere.

Best Job of the Night: Shawn Hatosy, for his role in Justin Timberlake's "What Goes Around ... Comes Around" video, which premiered during our Grammy preshow. Shawn shows up, slams some drinks and makes out with Scarlett Johansson. Sure, he also gets punched by Justin, but how bad can that be?

The Golden Horseshoe Award: My Grammy Moment winner and JT duet partner Robyn Troup, the luckiest person in the entire Staples Center on Sunday night. Seriously, meet us in Vegas — an hour at the craps table is all we ask.

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