How Did Pretty Ricky's 'Mouth-Watering' Album Land At #1?

The ladies, of course: 'We're on every female's menu,' rapper Baby Blue says of Late Night Special success.

There's no doubt R&B quartet Pretty Ricky love the ladies — the boys mention chicks anytime they're not catching a breath.

But with their second album, Late Night Special, the fellas are proving that the ladies might love the Miami foursome just as much. Pretty Ricky's sophomore set topped the Billboard albums chart this week — selling more than 132,000 copies — to land them them their first #1 album (see "Pretty Ricky Thwart Shins' Quest For Billboard Glory").

To hear it from them, however, the achievement should come as no surprise. According to rapper Baby Blue, Pretty Ricky have just the right flavor for the ladies.

"We're on every female's menu," he told MTV News recently. "Every female's main course, appetizer and dessert. We're what they crave. We gonna have them sitting at the edge of their bed when they pop this new CD in, because it's mouth-watering.

"We just wanted to elevate everything on this project," he continued. "We were successful with the the first album [2005's Bluestars], we went platinum. ... A lot of artists get successful and the label gets involved and will want to put them with all these writers and producers that everyone uses, and you end up losing the essence of the artists."

So to keep true to their sound, Baby Blue, Slick 'Em, Spectacular and Pleasure took advantage of their downtime between albums to look for inspiration. Whether it was setting up a real hot line to talk to their fans — just like they sing about on their current single "On the Hotline" — or interacting with fans via MySpace, Pretty Ricky looked to (what else?) the ladies for motivation.

"This time we went in the studio and set the vibe," Baby Blue said. "We dimmed the lights down low, lit the candles, lit the incense and put that feeling on the record. And we just stayed in the studio and banged out this whole new experience. We been around the world, seen a lot of different females, so we had a lot to talk about. From the first album to this one, I don't want to say we matured, but it's a continuation from the first album. It's an extension. We want to make sure we have every characteristic of every member come through."

In addition to showcasing themselves, Pretty Ricky have launched BlueStar Entertainment and are grooming a female version of the group called Butta Creame. "It's gonna be woman power," Blue said.

"We're changing the whole face of the game," he continued. "We're so far [out] ... we stand alone."