Fall Out Boy Aim High With Multi-City, Three-Gigs-In-A-Day Tour

MTV-sponsored Infinity Flight 206 concerts will be free.

On February 6, the title of Fall Out Boy's new LP, Infinity on High, will take on extra significance.

Because on that day — the day Infinity on High hits stores (see "Fall Out Boy's Answer To Online Album Leak: Give Fans More Music") — the band will celebrate the album's release with a larger-than-life publicity stunt: FOB will team with MTV to play three shows — in three different cities — in one day. It's a continent-spanning endeavor they've dubbed Infinity Flight 206.

The whole thing kicks off with a morning performance at MTV's Times Square studios in New York, after which Fall Out Boy will board a private jet bound for their Chicago hometown for a gig at the House of Blues. Then it's back on the jet and off to Los Angeles, where they'll cap off a manic 24 hours with a show to be staged on the rooftop of a downtown building.

"The best thing about it is that all of the shows are going to be free," bassist Pete Wentz said. "So everyone should come out and hang out with us, because it's gonna be a good time."

The man speaks the truth — all three shows are free, and tickets will be available to win though the following radio stations in New York, Chicago and L.A.: Z-100 (100.3 FM), Q-101 (101.1 FM), KISS (103.5 FM), KIIS-FM (102.7), KROQ (106.7 FM) and KHTS (Channel 933). Fans can find more info on getting tickets by checking out the band's site, FallOutBoyRock.com.

And what good publicity stunt would be complete without a contest? (Answer: a not-very-good one.) By heading over to MTVFlight206.com, fans can enter for a chance to spend the entire day with the band, jetting from city to city and checking out all three of the performances.

But if you're not able to get tickets — or aren't lucky enough to win a contest — you're still in luck. You can follow all the hot three-city action via another special Web site — FallOutBoy.MTV.com — that will feature exclusive behind-the-scenes footage, photos and a host of other FOB-goodness. And of course, MTV News will be traveling with the band throughout the day, breaking into on-air programming with updates and filing reports at MTVNews.com that'll keep you abreast of all the in-flight shenanigans and post-show reactions.