Fall Out Boy's Answer To Online Album Leak: Give Fans More Music

Band plans to add downloadable live EP to Infinity on High, which still drops on February 6.

By now, you might be aware that Fall Out Boy's new album, Infinity on High, somehow leaked online over the weekend. What you might not know is what FOB's label, Island Records, plans to do about it.

You may have heard that the label was thinking about moving the album's release date up a week, from February 6 to January 30. And you probably read the reports on various message boards that FOB mouthpiece/bassist Pete Wentz all but confirmed that move onstage at a Friends or Enemies Tour stop in Atlanta.

Well, it turns out that none of that information is true, but that doesn't mean Island or the band will sit idly by while the album flows freely through the Internet. Instead, they're planning to sweeten the purchase-ability of Infinity by including access to a special live EP with copies of the album, news the band broke to MTV News International just hours after touching down in London to begin its European tour.

(Watch Pete Wentz and the band dispel the Infinity on High rumors right here.)

"We wanted to dispel a few rumors for everyone who's out there on the Internet and maybe has come to the conclusion that our record is coming out on January 30. It's not. The release date is still February 6," Wentz said. "And we're going to include a little something extra, a special little EP, as part of the package."

According to a spokesperson for FOB's management, the EP will carry the humorous handle Leaked in London and will be recorded Monday at the band's sold-out show at London's Hammersmith Palais. Everyone who purchases — or preorders — a physical copy of Infinity will then be able to insert their CD into a computer, opening up a special key for a free download of the EP through the band's Web site, FallOutBoyRock.com.

Downloads will begin February 6, which, just in case you weren't paying attention, is still the date Infinity on High will hit stores.