Kanye West Shoots Down Reality-TV Rumors, Reveals Real TV Plans

Producer/rapper developing sitcom; still working on Graduation.

LOS ANGELES — When it comes to putting himself on television, Kanye West is more like Jerry Seinfeld than Flavor Flav. On Friday (January 12), he dismissed rumors that he is developing a reality show. He did confirm, however, that he is in the midst of putting together a traditional TV series with producer/director Larry Charles ("Borat," "Curb Your Enthusiasm") and legendary producer Rick Rubin.

"I wouldn't do something as cliché as a reality show," said West in a statement to MTV News. "At least give me the credit for being more creative than that ... For the last couple of years, Larry, Rick and I have been developing this pilot. It's a situational half-hour comedy. It's fictional, and loosely based on my life.

"Maybe this will give me the opportunity to spaz out at the Emmys one day," West continued, referencing his stage-crashing meltdown at November's MTV Europe Awards (see "Kanye West On Awards Show Bum-Rush: 'It Was Just Out Of Raw Emotion' ").

Since we're shooting down rumors, Kanye said he heard a seemingly implausible one that his G.O.O.D. Music label is done. It's not true, but the company has closed its offices at Sony Music.

"It was [said] that because G.O.O.D. Music didn't have an office at Sony anymore, that there was no more G.O.O.D. Music," West said earlier this week on the set of Game's "Wouldn't Get Far" video. "We got GLC [Gangsta L. Crisis] about to drop. Consequence is about to drop. John Legend is almost platinum. He beat the sophomore slump, we know his career is gonna last as long as he wants it to. Common's album is about to drop. The whole thing was never about marketing, it wasn't about clothing — it was about making good music. I feel we still deliver that. We come to do our job."

Of course, the most anticipated G.O.O.D. Music release is Graduation, the third album from Kanye himself.

"I can say, idea-wise, I got 10 ideas," he revealed about the album's status. "I go back and work on ideas and tweak them. I can't say I'm halfway done. There's a lot of people I want to work with, a lot of rappers. But I don't want to give away what I'mma do. I look at music as a gift. So I'mma just keep everything under wraps until it's time.

"You remember, you didn't find out about the Nas joint ['We Major' from Late Registration] until real late," he continued. "I waited till the last listening session a couple of weeks before the album came out. I played it in a room with 300 people and Nas' voice hit the track and it was like, 'Ah, man.' Another surprise might be there might not be anybody on it. There are a few rappers I really love and I would love to work with, but I'mma figure out what I'mma do for my album."

As of now, Graduation has no release date.