On-The-Go! Mario Changes LP Title, Reaches Out To Disadvantaged Kids

April 4 release features Alicia Keys, Nelly, Akon — but alas, no Luigi.

Like the classic video game character he shares his name with, R&B singer Mario is always on the move.

And that explains why he changed the title of his upcoming third album from Mario Barrett — Effortless to Go!

"I thought it was the best title to describe where my mind is at the moment," Mario said. "I feel that there's nothing that's impossible. I hope that [his new movie] 'Freedom Writers' is successful and that the album is successful. Go! just explains a perception on life, and my perception is to just go get it. If you're looking for something and you want it, you just gotta go get it."

The singer's third album was originally due in November but has been pushed back to April 4. Mario previously said it will feature Alicia Keys, Nelly and Akon, with production by Scott Storch and Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis (see "Mario Says New LP Shows 'Mysterious Side' — But Ends Mystery Behind Last Name").

"Go!" is also the name of an album track produced by the Neptunes that is currently streaming on Mario's MySpace page, along with new tunes "How Do I Breathe" and "Crying Out for Me."

Although the full track list has yet to be confirmed, Mario also promised a song called "Do Right," which he wrote while filming "Freedom Writers," opening January 5 (see "Mario Sheds A Tear For 'Freedom,' Says He Wants To Direct").

" 'Do Right' was inspired by me growing up and having friends who were never really on the right path, and me making better decisions than they did," said Mario, who has also launched a new charity organization that will fund programs for disadvantaged youth. "The first verse of the song talks about decisions that you make as a teenager or as a young adult that will change your future. Basically, it inspires you to do the right thing with your life. You have choices, you have willpower. I wanted it to actually be in the movie, on the soundtrack, but we're working it out."