'Dreamgirls' Meanie Jamie Foxx Makes Nice With Fantasia, Snoop On Tour

Actor/singer explains why Oprah gave him a tongue-lashing.

NEW YORK — It will be a long time before Jamie Foxx releases another album, but the singer/actor said fans can hear all their favorites from his most recent LP, Unpredictable, live starting in a few weeks. The Oscar winner and co-star of the already critically acclaimed "Dreamgirls" is heading out on the road.

"We're gonna go out on tour on December 26, we're gonna hit 30 cities, we're going to do the comedy and the music, so I'm looking forward to that," Foxx recently told a room of reporters while promoting "Dreamgirls." Tickets to some shows are already on sale, and more dates will be released shortly.

The "we" he was referring to includes Fantasia Barrino — the "American Idol" Foxx shared an intimate moment with at June's BET Awards (see "Eminem Joins Busta Onstage, Jamie Foxx Smooches Fantasia At BET Awards"), who will appear on select dates — plus "There's going to be some surprise spots by Snoop if he's not incarcerated," Foxx added, poking a little fun at his friend, who has had a myriad of run-ins with the police the past few months (see "Snoop Arrested For Gun And Drug Possession After 'Tonight Show' Taping"). "If Snoop is out of jail, we're going to do our thing. Off the heezy for sheezy, outta jeezy! Merry Christmas."

Foxx will have a merry Christmas, indeed. "Dreamgirls" opens in limited release on December 15, expanding nationwide on Christmas Day. In the film, he plays a music executive who is undoubtedly a visionary, but also has a very slimy side.

"Curtis is the American Dream, the capitalistic version of it. The by-any-means-necessary version of it," Foxx said of his character, manager Curtis Taylor Jr., who eventually marries Beyoncé Knowles' Deena Jones. Eddie Murphy stars as R&B sensation James "Thunder" Early and former "American Idol" contestant Jennifer Hudson is the film's showstopper, Effie White. "Dreamgirls" was originally a 1981 Broadway musical and is said to be loosely based on Diana Ross and the Supremes' years on Motown Records (see "New Beyonce Single — And Eddie Murphy Singing — Featured In 'Dreamgirls' ").

"I think it was important to play Curtis unforgiving and relentless so [the girl group he manages, the Dreams] would have somewhere to go," Foxx said. "Everybody has a Curtis in their life, somebody that told you you wasn't going to make it, or somebody that was just on you, and you wanted to make it because of that. Not to flaunt it in their face, but drive up in your [Mercedes-Benz] S500 and do whatever it is you do."

Foxx joked that he is nothing like Curtis in real life, but his acting was so convincing, people have a hard time separating the two. "The persona of Jamie Foxx and the character is different. Even Oprah said, 'I don't like you being mean.' I said, 'Oprah, I'm not really like that.'

"Curtis is this guy I met doing my [first] record," he said, explaining how he funneled his real-life experiences into the fictional character. "They said stuff to me so crazy, because they didn't know what the record was going to do. I had one guy say, 'Look dude, I don't care if you sell one record or a million records, my check is the same.' I took those elements to show you what Curtis is about.

"It's not necessarily what [Motown founder] Berry Gordy is about," he added, distancing his character from the legendarily ambitious taskmaster. "I had to set that record straight. Because Berry Gordy was doing things that nobody is doing these days. He had etiquette classes, he was like, 'If we gonna get this black music played in white world, we gotta be eloquent with it. We have to be gentlemen, we gotta be women.' So it's not really Berry Gordy, it's a mix of all these other music execs."

Jamie Foxx tour dates, according to J Records:

  • 12/26 - San Diego, CA @ San Diego Civic Center

  • 12/27 - San Diego, CA @ San Diego Civic Center

  • 12/29 - Sacramento, CA @ ARCO Arena

  • 12/30 - Oakland, CA @ Oracle Arena

  • 12/31 - Oakland, CA @ Oracle Arena

  • 1/4 - Cincinnati, OH @ Cincinnati Music Hall

  • 1/5 - Milwaukee, WI @ The Riverside Theatre

  • 1/6 - Rosemont, IL @ Allstate Arena

  • 1/7 - Milwaukee, WI @ The Riverside Theatre

  • 1/13 - Denver, CO @ Wells Fargo Theatre at Colorado Convention Center

  • 1/22 - New York, NY @ Madison Square Garden

  • 2/16 - Las Vegas, NV @ Aladdin/ Planet Hollywood Resort

  • 2/16 - Las Vegas, NV @ Aladdin/ Planet Hollywood Resort

  • 3/25 - St. Louis, MO @ Fox Theatre

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