JoJo Tells You 'How To Touch A Girl,' But It's Not What You Think

'It's about how to win a girl over,' singer says of single, the first she had a hand in writing.

There's something JoJo wants everyone to know right away about "How to Touch a Girl," the next single from her sophomore LP, The High Road.

"It's not the way it sounds," the 15-year-old pop star said during a break from shooting the video. "It's kind of about how to win a girl over and the things you can do to get to her heart."

(Watch a smiling JoJo on the set of her colorful new video right here.)

"How to Touch a Girl" is the first single the singer had a hand in writing, so when it came time to put it to film, she stayed heavily involved. "I'm very hands-on," JoJo said. "I cast everyone in my videos, I work closely with my stylist and my makeup and hair and I just make sure that everything is as I want it. Sometimes I don't know what I want, but I do know what I don't want, so if someone proposes an idea to me, I will say, 'No, let's do it this way' or 'This makes me uncomfortable.' "

For "How to Touch a Girl," JoJo decided to tell the story of the song, but not through herself. "We hired another couple so we could narrate the story through them," she explained. "I'm performing, and there are a lot of different vignettes and a lot of beautiful lighting techniques that we're using. We hired a band, and there's a performance shot and a lot of interactions and it all ties in at the end with my performances and the couple. And at the end, my guy comes."

Now that the video is finished, JoJo plans to spend much of December playing holiday radio festivals — in September, she told MTV News she'd put together her first band for those gigs (see "JoJo Assembles First Band, Plans To Hit The High Road This Winter"). She's also got a little celebrating to do on December 20, her 16th birthday. "I'll probably just stay home," JoJo said. "Really, what is most important to me is being with my family and friends, so if I get that, then that would be great. And if I get a car, that's just an added bonus."

JoJo's already thinking about her third album, although the sometime actress, seen this year in "RV" and "Aquamarine," plans to make a movie or two in between. "I don't know what yet, because I am focused on the music right now, but I am reading some scripts and there are some really cool ones out there," she said. "I love doing it, and it just keeps your face out there."