East Meets West As Game, Fat Joe Go Shopping For Each Other's LPs

'We're here supporting each other's music,' Joe says during NYC CD-buying binge.

NEW YORK — It wasn't about East Coast vs. West Coast or young vs. old — it was about unity in hip-hop, period.

The Game and Fat Joe came together on Tuesday (November 14) in the heart of Times Square at the Virgin Megastore to buy each other's LPs, both of which dropped Tuesday. Joey Crack took home at least 10 copies of Game's The Doctor's Advocate (see "Game Says Song On New LP Makes Him 'The One-Man N.W.A' "), and Game did the same for Joe's Me, Myself and I (see "Fat Joe On September Release: 'Bet The Kitchen Sink On Me' ").

Before entering the store, Game came from one corner, Joe from another, and both MCs met in the middle and held each other's hands up like two champions.

"I need more copies. Get me about 10 more," Game said later at the cash register. He stood next to Joe surrounded by fans, the media and several kids dressed in doctor's scrubs (doctor's advocates, apparently).

"We're here supporting each other's music," Joe added. "We touching the town. It's legendary; it's unity in hip-hop. I support the Game. His album is a classic. Y'all need to go out there and get that. It's like Christmas right now."

"Joe is the King of New York," Game jumped in. "We holdin' it down, going dumb on the album."

Afterward, Joe headed over to hip-hop station Hot 97 for an interview, while Game went across the street to a phone company's display stage on the sidewalk. He took pictures and signed autographs. It got so crazy outside that Nas, who was making his way to visit the MTV offices, had a little trouble navigating through the traffic.

"Yeah, it was wild outside," Nas said. "They're out there doing it."