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The average gamer doesn't have the time or cash to experience one-tenth of the games that come out every week. Collectively, the MTV News team does — and then some. With games streaming into the office each day, we see a lot, we play a lot and we remember a lot. We want to tell you what we're playing and what's worth caring about it, and we'll do it every day at MTV News: Multiplayer. To follow the column daily, bookmark

This Week's Multiplayer Entries

  • [article id="1560563"]Multiplayer Stock Report: 'Touch The Dead,' 'Mario Party,' 'Shrek' & More[/article] (5/25)
  • [article id="1560433"]Multiplayer: Not Yer Mama's Average 'Puzzle'[/article] (5/24)
  • [article id="1560247"]Multiplayer: Late To The 'Mario Party'[/article] (5/22)
  • [article id="1560174"]Multiplayer: Getting Hands-On With PS3's 'LittleBigPlanet,' 'Home'[/article] (5/21)

Multiplayer Archive: Week Twenty Six

  • [article id="1559994"]Multiplayer: Tossing People Into Billboards — And Maybe Paris Hilton, Too?[/article] (5/18)
  • [article id="1559957"]Multiplayer: Hunting Treasure, Stealing Tanks At PlayStation Gamers Day[/article] (5/17)
  • [article id="1559753"]Multiplayer: Debating 'Halo 3,' 'Pokemon' And More In Extra Innings[/article] (5/16)
  • [article id="1559476"]Multiplayer: The Elusive Joy of Losing — A Proposal for 'Halo 3'[/article] (5/14)

Multiplayer Archive: Week Twenty Five

  • [article id="1559416"]Multiplayer Stock Report: 'Spider-Man 3'[/article] (5/10)
  • [article id="1559321"]Multiplayer: Just Call Me 'Mr. Halo'[/article] (5/10)
  • [article id="1559182"]Multiplayer: How To Cope With A 'Spore'-Less 2007[/article] (5/9)
  • [article id="1559100"]Multiplayer: Time To Eat Crow?[/article] (5/8)
  • [article id="1558930"]Multiplayer: Dropped In The Pit Of 100 Trials[/article] (5/7)

Multiplayer Archive: Week Twenty Four

  • [article id="1558852"]Multiplayer Stock Report: Submarines, Spartans, 'Sam & Max'[/article] (5/4)
  • [article id="1558754"]Multiplayer: Autobots Or Decepticons? It's A 'Pokémon'-Style Choice[/article] (5/3)
  • [article id="1558593"]Multiplayer: Taking The 10-Point Challenge[/article] (5/2)
  • [article id="1558505"]Multiplayer: A Space-Faring Shakespeare Shoot-'Em-Up[/article] (5/1)
  • [article id="1558366"]Multiplayer: Strung Out On 'Pokemon'[/article] (4/30)

Multiplayer Archive: Week Twenty Three

  • [article id="1558240"]Multiplayer Stock Report: Xbox 360 Elite, 'Cube' ... And That's It[/article] (4/27)
  • [article id="1558160"]Multiplayer: Think 'Star Wars' Chess Is Cool? PS3 Has A Game For You ...[/article] (4/26)
  • [article id="1558070"]Multiplayer: Ready Or Not, 'God Of War' Heads To PSP[/article] (4/25)
  • [article id="1557951"]Multiplayer: If Marriage Were A Video Game ...[/article] (4/24)
  • [article id="1557828"]Multiplayer: Not Enough Support Drummed Up For Nintendo Bongos[/article] (4/23)

Multiplayer Archive: Week Twenty Two

  • [article id="1557719"]Multiplayer Stock Report: 'Halo 2' Pops Up Again[/article] (4/20)
  • [article id="1557621"]Multiplayer: Not Those Pirates Of The Caribbean ...[/article] (4/19)
  • [article id="1557432"]Multiplayer: Virtual World Remembers VT Tragedy[/article] (4/17)
  • [article id="1557222"]Multiplayer: First Look At 'Pokemon Pearl'[/article] (4/16)

Multiplayer Archive: Week Twenty One

  • [article id="1557090"]Multiplayer Stock Report: 'Pokemon' Pair, 'Sims 2 Celebration Stuff' & More[/article] (4/13)
  • [article id="1557012"]Multiplayer: Gaming While Jogging[/article] (4/12)
  • [article id="1556873"]Multiplayer: Is 'God Of War II' Too Much Fun?[/article] (4/11)
  • [article id="1556763"]Multiplayer: Should $90 Give You Everything?[/article] (4/10)
  • [article id="1556653"]Multiplayer: Not A Breath Of Fresh Air[/article] (4/9)

Multiplayer Archive: Week Twenty

  • [article id="1556576"]Multiplayer Stock Report: 'Medal Of Honor,' 'Pogo Island' & More[/article] (4/6)
  • [article id="1556421"]Multiplayer: Were 'Star Fox 64,' 'Tecmo Bowl' Really That Good?[/article] (4/5)
  • [article id="1556338"]Multiplayer: The Best Eye Candy Nintendo Has To Offer[/article] (4/4)
  • [article id="1556246"]Multiplayer: Have A Coke ... And A Free Sword[/article] (4/3)
  • [article id="1556103"]Multiplayer: Putting Up A Fight[/article] (4/2)

Multiplayer Archive: Week Ninteen

  • [article id="1556081"]Multiplayer: Playing The Wrong 'Splinter Cell'[/article] (3/29)
  • [article id="1556046"]Multiplayer: Can Gaming Become A Spectator's Sport?[/article] (3/28)
  • [article id="1555886"]Multiplayer: In Praise Of Sketchy Controls[/article] (3/28)
  • [article id="1555889"]Multiplayer: Do Not Adjust Your TV Set[/article] (3/27)
  • [article id="1555890"]Multiplayer: Cracking Nintendo Friend Codes[/article] (3/26)


  • [article id="1555502"]Multiplayer Archive: Week Eighteen[/article]
  • [article id="1554947"]Multiplayer Archive: Week Seventeen[/article]
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  • [article id="1551567"]Multiplayer Archive: Week Eleven[/article]
  • [article id="1550965"]Multiplayer Archive: Week Ten[/article]
  • [article id="1550431"]Multiplayer Archive: Week Nine[/article]
  • [article id="1549996"]Multiplayer Archive: Week Eight[/article]
  • [article id="1549434"]Multiplayer Archive: Week Seven[/article]
  • [article id="1549134"]Multiplayer Archive: Week Six[/article]
  • [article id="1548281"]Multiplayer Archive: Week Five[/article]
  • [article id="1547704"]Multiplayer Archive: Week Four[/article]
  • [article id="1547079"]Multiplayer Archive: Week Three[/article]
  • [article id="1546582"]Multiplayer Archive: Week Two[/article]
  • [article id="1546196"]Multiplayer Archive: Week One[/article]