Raekwon Partners With Dr. Dre For Cuban Linx Sequel

The Chef signs with Aftermath; Dre will produce majority of beats on next year's LP.

Raekwon isn't arrogant, he just has no doubt he'll win on his next LP, Only Built 4 Cuban Linx, Part 2.

How can he be so sure? Not only does he have fellow Wu-Tang member RZA in his corner, but it's official: The Chef said he's inked a deal with Dr. Dre's Aftermath label, and the Doc will be producing a bulk of the beats on the album as well.

"I just felt it was going to be something to excite the fans in hip-hop," Rae said Tuesday evening. "Let them know I'm dealing with a whole list of thorough superproducers that's making sure this legacy of Cuban Linx carries on. We thought it was a brilliant idea to have RZA and Dr. collaborate, us being big Dre fans. His classics sheet is way long. As well as RZA's.

"We felt we wanted to put a twist on it and let everybody know the sh-- is that important," he continued. "We going through generation expansion, where the generations are differentiating. We wanted to give them a taste of something new as well as what they wanna see."

Rae said initially Dre was supposed to just produce a couple of tracks for the album, but everything just got better as they kept working. "Allah put us in the right place," he explained. "I'm working real hard, putting little pieces together. The album is coming out great. Everything is up to par. We still working on it, we never stop working till the last day."

The album is slated for release next year, although there's no official date for the LP as of yet. Rae also reported that besides Dre and RZA, the album will feature production from the late J Dilla, as well as Scram Jones (N.O.R.E., Mariah Carey) and DJ Scratch.

The last we heard from Raekwon, he was traveling to Africa with Paul Wall and Tego Calderón to examine the troubled diamond trade in war-torn Sierra Leone (see "Kanye, Paul Wall Urge Rappers To 'Bling Responsibly' In Documentary").