Is Lindsay The Next Scream Queen? Lohan To Star In Upcoming Thriller

'I Know Who Killed Me' starts filming in December; starlet also interested in writing, directing.

BEVERLY HILLS, California — Any regular tabloid reader can tell you who Lindsay Lohan is dating these days. Loyal surfers of entertainment blogs are well aware of which Hollywood clubs she was spotted at this weekend. And even casual movie fans can tell you that the "Mean Girls" star has been getting away from her teen-movie safety zone lately with the art-house hit "A Prairie Home Companion" and this month's "Bobby."

Believe it or not, however, there are still a few things about the world's most famous 20-year-old that the public doesn't know. Well, until now.

"There is [a movie] that I am set to do starting December 4th, I think, or around then. It's the first thriller I have ever been attached to in my life," the actress revealed this weekend. "It's called 'I Know Who Killed Me.' "

The freckle-faced fame-monger is also attached to "The Loss of a Teardrop Diamond," a highbrow adaptation of an obscure Tennessee Williams screenplay. She would star alongside awards-season heavy-hitters such as Ellen Burstyn, David Strathairn and Ann-Margaret. Lohan, who has publicly expressed a desire to win her own Oscar, is also in talks to star in "A Woman of No Importance," based on an Oscar Wilde play.

"Oscar Wilde is one of the greats. And Annette Bening I believe is attached to it," Lohan said, referring to the thrice-nominated Oscar vet who'd play her mother. "I don't want to say anything, because contracts have not been signed."

The ink is dry, however, on "I Know Who Killed Me." "The cast has not been set yet, but I have," Lohan said of the flick, which will allow her to set aside the serious stuff for awhile and instead work on becoming a Sarah Michelle Gellar-like scream queen. "It's a psychological thriller. I didn't think I could do it, but that's why I am doing it.

"I wanted to challenge myself," she said of the terror tale, due in 2007. "I wanted to do something different, and it's scary. It is a really scary read. It's in the vein of 'Se7en' and 'Silence of the Lambs.' "

Lohan also has some big news about her long-term plans. "My friend and I have been writing a script for two years. It's about someone that I know," she revealed, saying that the untitled screenplay is almost finished. "[My friend] just brought it over the other day.

"It's somewhat of a drama," Lohan added about what she hopes will be the first of many scripts for her. "It's more lighthearted [than dramatic], though."

If all goes according to plan, the actress might even make her directorial debut with the project. "I was lucky to have the experience of experimenting with my music video that I did," she said of last fall's "Confessions of a Broken Heart" clip. "I loved directing that. The editing was rough."

Wearing a bandage around her recently fractured left wrist, the raven-haired actress said she fell in love with behind-the-camera work on the "Confessions" clip. "It's nice to have a vision and be able to see it all come together," Lohan grinned. "I've been lucky to be on set with enough people at this point — you know, actors and directors — to know how to work with that. It's a great process."

Insisting that her 10-year plan is to write and direct while simultaneously continuing to act, the multitasking star said she's been doing a lot of self-analysis as she nears her 21st birthday.

"I'm growing up. I've matured publicly in front of people, and I am taking more time to do pieces of work that really mean something to me," Lohan said, hoping that fans young and old will follow her various career choices. "Someone just came up to me and said, 'My son just loves you. Thank you for taking a picture [with him] at the "Love Bug" premiere,' and I said, 'Oh, thank you. How old is he?' And she said '5'!

"It means so much," she said of such encounters with her diverse fanbase. "It's so flattering."

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