Perry Farrell Jams With Fergie, Jim Morrison On Satellite Party Debut

Former Jane's Addiction frontman hopes to play shows on mountaintop.

When the self-titled debut from Perry Farrell's latest project, the Satellite Party, drops in late March, fans will find it rich with special guests — both living and dead.

The Satellite Party, which the former Jane's Addiction/ Porno for Pyros frontman has been working on since JA announced their second split in 2004, boasts contributions from the Black Eyed Peas' Fergie; Porno for Pyros guitarist Peter DiStefano; Joy Division/ New Order bassist Peter Hook; the Red Hot Chili Peppers' John Frusciante and Flea; and Jack Irons, former drummer for the Peppers and Pearl Jam (see "Flea, Frusciante Contributing To Farrell's Next Big Concept"). The LP will even feature the pipes of the late Jim Morrison, frontman of the Doors.

Portions of two spoken-word poems — believed to be the last recordings of Morrison's voice — were used to inspire and craft the song "Woman in the Window," Farrell said. But like an adroit magician, Farrell's not giving up any of his secrets.

"The only thing I can tell you about it is I have been granted permission by the Morrison estate to produce these two poems that may have been Jim's last recordings as far as anyone knows," he said. "It comes in at an amazing time. When you hear these poems, it sounds as though Jim Morrison were watching us today and commenting on the world today. I'm very reluctant to call him a prophet, because I don't want to go that far. That would be really putting myself on the line. But the words he is speaking about are soooo speaking about the world today. It leaves a person almost dumbstruck. Why would this song surface today, and how would he know about what's going on in the world now?"

Farrell did reveal that Morrison's manifestation on the album was something of a personal coup. "You could count on one hand the people who were important in my life — as far as musicians and singers — and he might be the middle finger," Farrell said. "I loved his spirit and I loved his refusal to allow anybody to even suggest that he didn't own the world, and if nothing else, I feel that spirit has got to be preserved, and we have to consider it and never let it fall from our thoughts."

Farrell, who just started planning next summer's Lollapalooza (set for August 3-5 in Chicago) and mastered the Satellite Party's LP two weeks ago, can't wait for the world to hear what he's been up to. He's also anxious to tour and bring the Party to the people. While there are no official touring plans yet, the Satellite Party's liable to pop up wherever the vibe's accommodating.

"Whenever you plan something new, you never want to abandon your tried-and-proven methods," he said. "I would never say we wouldn't want to play in traditional venues. But while we're out there on the road, why couldn't we play a beautiful art gallery or an incredible loft or the top of a mountain? We'll be looking for strange and unique places to play. If [Virgin Group founder] Richard Branson [who has launched a space tourism business called Virgin Galactic] wants to shoot us into space, we'll play there."

In fact, the whole concept behind the Satellite Party was born out of Farrell's desire to throw an extraterrestrial hoedown somewhere else in the cosmos.

"Let's make believe we're going to be shot into space for the weekend: What would we be looking at?" Farrell wondered. "The Earth, from the vantage point of a satellite. We'd be dressed to the nines. We would have these great hors d'ouvres. The music would be deep and soulful and sensual, and the interior decoration would be comfortable and slightly weightless and ecstatic and luxurious, because this would be a luxury flight. Do I want to eventually be up in space? I would be intrigued with the prospect of doing it, but if we can get the world right, and if we could make the world happy, that would mean a lot more to me than being shot into space and throwing a party up there.

"It would be fun and exciting," he added, "but human beings have to concentrate on this Earth first before they consider going anywhere else."