New Releases: K-Fed, Lady Sov, Gorillaz, Ice-T, Pitbull, Isis & More

Also due Tuesday: Deftones, Kellie Pickler, Ron Artest, Flavor Flav, Sunn0))) & Boris, Lyrics Born, Who.

This week’s crop of new releases aren’t all that scary, per se — unless you’ve been fearing those K-Fed and Kellie Pickler debuts and think that tough lass Lady Sovereign could kick your butt. But it does give us an opportunity to put a musical twist on trick or treating. And, for the “hell” of it, we’ve provided 31 entries to make this 31st extra special.

Kevin Federline’s Playing With Fire

  • Trick: Uh … yeah.
  • Treat: Britney Spears makes an appearance on “Crazy,” and there’s a hidden track called “Middle Finger” — wait, is that part of the trick?

Lady Sovereign’s Public Warning

  • Trick: Speaking of middle fingers, the temperamental Lady Sov is more than happy to show hers.
  • Treat: Missy Elliott turns up on an album-capping remix of Sov’s white-hot single, “Love Me or Hate Me.”

Gorillaz’s “Phase Two – Slowboat to Hades” DVD

  • Trick: The amount of money you have to pony up to collect all the components of the comprehensive Demon Days “multimedia experience,” of which this is a part.
  • Treat: Forty selections, 3-D features, a bonus CD-ROM with 16 games, — that’s bananas!

Ice-T’s Gangsta Rap

  • Trick: A mouthful of appearances by a “Who’s that?” of rap, including Marc Live, Kryst and Smoothe Da Hustler.
  • Treat: It’s his first straight-up rap album since 1999. And did you know that the T stands for “treat”?

DeftonesSaturday Night Wrist

  • Trick: C’mon, dudes, throw in the towel already.
  • Treat: Really cool cover art and a song called “U, U, D, D, L, R, L, R, A, B, Select, Start.”

Pitbull’s El Mariel

  • Trick: A guest spot by Trick Daddy (on “Born N Raised”).
  • Treat: Assorted contributions from Lil Jon, Fat Joe, Pharrell, Rick Ross, Wyclef Jean, DJ Khaled, Mr. Coolipark and the Neptunes — good God, that’s impressive.

IsisIn the Absence of Truth

  • Trick: The band’s recently released DVD, “Clearing the Eye,” easily could have been appended to this disc.
  • Treat: Some of the best sludge/dirge/doom/melodic/cheese-free metal you’ll hear all year.

Kellie Pickler’s Small Town Girl

  • Trick: “I have no idea what I’m doing,” which she let slip before an “American Idol” performance, pretty much says it all.
  • Treat: A jewel case comes with the CD!

Ron Artest’s My World

  • Trick: Historically, basketball-player-turned rappers haven’t fared too well. Yeah, we’re looking at you, Shaq.
  • Treat: Mike Jones makes an assist, and DJ Kay Slay spins some beats.

Flavor Flav’s Flavor Flav

  • Trick: Just watch this.
  • Treat: Knowing that a rapper who once spat against the establishment can also write a song called “Unga Bunga Bunga.”

Coheed and Cambria’s “The Last Supper: Live at the Hammerstein Ballroom” DVD

  • Trick: Frontman Claudio Sanchez is putting out an LP by his side project, the Prize Fighter Inferno, the same day — ha.
  • Treat: On top of Coheed’s May performance at the New York venue, they’ve chalked up a fan’s perspective of the show, plus three videos and behind-the-scenes footage.

Prize Fighter Inferno’s My Brother’s Blood Machine

  • Trick: This is a side project from Coheed and Cambria, who are putting out a DVD the same day — ha.
  • Treat: This gives Coheed fans a chance to see the band’s ongoing narrative through the eyes of a different character, who is alternately known as Jesse and the Prize Fighter Inferno.

Sunn0))) & BorisAltar

  • Trick: Kurt Cobain amigo and Earth guru Dylan Carlson plays on “Her Lips Were Wet With Venom” — a song that only appears on the vinyl version of this collaborative affair.
  • Treat: Soundgarden’s Kim Thayil comes out of the cave to provide a few licks on “Blood Swamp” and pen the liner notes.

Lyrics Born’s Overnite Encore: Lyrics Born Live!

  • Trick: The San Francisco underground hip-hop hero is taking stock of his career with a live album recorded in … Australia.
  • Treat: An hour’s worth of live material, three new slices and smart lyrics that’ll make you feel born again.

The Who’s Endless Wire

  • Trick: No Keith Moon. No John Entwistle.
  • Treat: The band’s first new LP in almost 25 years gives fans their due: Nineteen tracks, plus a bonus DVD with limited editions.

The Who’s “Live at the Isle of Wight Festival 1970″

  • Trick: A lesser-quality version of this thing — minus the remastered surround sound by Pete Townshend, the 40-minute Townshend interview and two songs — came out just over two years ago.
  • Treat: Keith Moon. John Entwistle.

Every Time I Die’s “Sh– Happens: The Life. The Stage. The Road. The DVD.”

  • Trick: Bonus home videos that will bring out your inner smartass.
  • Treat: Two hours’ worth of metal madness, including footage from a Christmas concert and the Warped Tour, plus a behind-the-scenes/don’t-try-this-at-home treat for the tricksters out there: Bandmembers actually setting their hair on fire.

Various artists’ “Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan” soundtrack

  • Trick: Borat.
  • Treat: Three videos, a sing-along clip, audio snippets from the movie and excerpts from the score by Sacha Baron Cohen’s real-life (seriously) brother Erran.

Battle of Mice’s A Day of Nights

  • Trick: A project drummed up by two lovers, the band/relationship went so swimmingly that Josh Graham (Red Sparowes) and Julie Christmas (Made Out of Babies) wound up having to record some of this LP in separate rooms.
  • Treat: You want raw? You got it. “The sonic philosophy of the band reflects a huge, primal range of emotion: love, lust, jealousy, whiskey and blind rage,” Christmas said in a press release.

Aiden’s Rain in Hell EP

  • Trick: Have you seen these guys? They dress up for Halloween every day of the year.
  • Treat: Covers of Billy Idol’s “White Wedding” and the Misfits’ “Die, Die My Darling,” plus a lengthy DVD to boot.

Bad Religion’s “The Riot: December 29, 1990 at the El Portal Theater in Lovely North Hollywood, CA” DVD

  • Trick: Yeah, if Bad Religion come to your door, make sure to take them up on that treat.
  • Treat: This special-edition set immortalizes the band’s chaotic show, plus some footage of the make-up gig they staged about a month later for the fans who were turned away by police.

Willie Nelson’s Songbird

  • Trick: Rabble-rouser Ryan Adams is all over this sucker, producing and performing on every track, including renditions of songs by Leonard Cohen, Gram Parsons, Jerry Garcia and the Red-Headed Stranger himself.
  • Treat: Dude, it’s Willie Nelson.

Tupac’s “The Complete Live Performances: Live at House of Blues Los Angeles & Club 662 Las Vegas” DVDs

  • Trick: Were these really the only two concerts ’Pac ever performed?
  • Treat: Finally, a Tupac DVD that isn’t a documentary. Plus, guest spots by Snoop, Tha Dogg Pound, Outlawz and K-Ci & JoJo.

Icy DemonsTears of a Clone

  • Trick: Can a clone really cry?
  • Treat: Woodwinds, rich percussion and kraut-inspired electronics — a treat indeed.

My Morning Jacket’s “Okonokos: The Concert” DVD

  • Trick: A double-CD live album last month, and now this, a separately sold third disc to go along with it? Come on, get real.
  • Treat: These guys dressed up in Victorian outfits, decorated the stage like a forest, tapped one of Pink Floyd’s lighting guys and covered Duke Ellington for this show. Now that’s far out.

Anders Parker’s Anders Parker

  • Trick: This guy’s put out a pile of albums under his own name as well as Varnaline, and released LPs with Space Needle and Gob Iron. Get it straight, man.
  • Treat: He borrows lyrics from Neil Young, Joni Mitchell and Paul Westerberg — all in one song (“Winter Coat”) — and roped in members of Wilco, the Mekons and Gigolo Aunts to help out.

Gob Iron’s Death Songs for the Living

  • Trick: What, more Anders Parker? Sheesh.
  • Treat: He’s got Son Volt’s Jay Farrar as a partner on this project, and they revitalize a spate of folk classics, mixing in some fresh instrumentals along the way.

Cross Canadian Ragweed’s Back to Tulsa: Live & Loud at Cain’s Ballroom

  • Trick: The DVD is sold separately — what, is this becoming a trend?
  • Treat: With no overdubs or vocal tweaking, this is the Oklahoma alt-country act at its most honest.

My Latest Novel’s Wolves

  • Trick: Yet another band from Glasgow, Scotland.
  • Treat: This album was named, in part, after graphic-novel master Neil Gaiman’s “The Wolves in the Walls.” Plus it’s got a song called “The Job Mr Kurtz Done.”

Mixel Pixel’s Music for Plants

  • Trick: Wait a second, plants can’t hear!
  • Treat: If you like the Moog, you are in for a treat indeed.

Meat Loaf’s Bat Out of Hell III: The Monster Is Loose

  • Trick: Ha, Meat Loaf.
  • Treat: There is no treat.

Song Title of the Week:

“Your Tearz Are My Ice Cream” from Experimental Dental School’s 2 1/2 Creatures

New Releases:

  • 40 Below Summer – Last Dance (Crash)
  • The Accursed – Seasons of the Scythe (Screaming Ferret)
  • Aiden – Rain in Hell (EP with DVD; Victory)
  • Ron Artest – My World (Lightyear); Read: “Ron Artest Battles In Basketball/Boxing Game, Funds His Own Rap LP”
  • Bang Tango – From the Hip (Perris)
  • The Bangkok Five – Who’s Gonna Take Us Alive? (Execution Style/ Universal)
  • Battle of Mice – A Day of Nights (Neurot)
  • Birdman & Lil Wayne – Like Father, Like Son (Cash Money)
  • Blenders – Songs From the Soul (Oarfin)
  • The Blue Van – Dear Independence (TVT)
  • T. Graham Brown – The Present (Aspirion)
  • Burden Brothers – Mercy (Kirtland)
  • Tracy Byrd – Different Things (Rocket Science)
  • Jeremy Camp – Beyond Measure (BEC)
  • The Catz in the Hatz – Resilience (Rhombus)
  • D Christopher – A Moment of Your Time (Universal)
  • Coko – Grateful (Compendia)
  • Bootsy Collins – Christmas Is 4 Ever (Shout! Factory)
  • Colour Revolt – Colour Revolt (EP; Tiny Evil)
  • Copeland – Eat, Sleep, Repeat (Militia Group)
  • Cross Canadian Ragweed – Back to Tulsa: Live & Loud at Cain’s Ballroom (live; with DVD; Universal South)
  • Brian Culbertson – A Soulful Christmas (GRP)
  • David & the Citizens – Until the Sadness Is Gone (Friendly Fire)
  • Dead Poetic – Vices (Tooth & Nail)
  • Deftones – Saturday Night Wrist (Maverick); Read: “Deftones Plan Tour With Deadsy Before LP Drops On Halloween”
  • The End of the World – You’re Making It Come Alive (Flameshovel)
  • Endwell – Homeland Insecurity (Victory)
  • Experimental Dental School – 2 1/2 Creatures (Cochon)
  • Feathers – Synchromy (Hometapes)
  • Kevin Federline – Playing With Fire (Reincarnate); Read: “Federline Moving Songs From The Lab To Clubs For Testing”
  • Figgs – Follow Jean Through the Sea (Gern Blandstein)
  • Flavor Flav – Flavor Flav (Draytown)
  • Four Letter Lie – Let Your Body Take Over (Victory)
  • Gob Iron – Death Songs for the Living (Transmit Sound/ Legacy)
  • The Honeydogs – Amygdala (CC)
  • Ice-T – Gangsta Rap (Melee)
  • Icy Demons – Tears of a Clone (Eastern Developments)
  • Isis – In the Absence of Truth (Ipecac)
  • Phil Keaggy – Roundabout (Tag)
  • Kylesa – Time Will Fuse Its Worth (Prosthetic)
  • Lady Sovereign – Public Warning (Def Jam)
  • Laibach – Volk (Mute)
  • Michael Landau Group – Live (two CDs; Tone/Unconscious)
  • Phil Lesh and Friends – Live at the Warfield, San Francisco, CA (Image)
  • Low Frequency in Stereo – The Last Temptation of … the Low Frequency in Stereo (Gigantic)
  • Lyrics Born – Overnite Encore: Lyrics Born Live! (Quannum)
  • Mad Tea Party – Big Top, Soda Pop (Whose That)
  • Barry Manilow – The Greatest Songs of the Sixties (Arista)
  • Meat Loaf – Bat Out of Hell III: The Monster Is Loose (Virgin)
  • Nellie McKay – Pretty Little Head (Black Dove)
  • Mixel Pixel – Music for Plants (Kanine)
  • Craig Morgan – Little Bit of Life (Broken Bow)
  • Moros Eros – I Saw the Devil Last Night and Now the Sun Shines Bright (Victory)
  • My Dying Bride – A Line of Deathless Kings (Peaceville/Snapper)
  • My Latest Novel – Wolves (Bella Union)
  • Willie Nelson – Songbird (Lost Highway)
  • Newsboys – Go (enhanced; Inpop)
  • Niobe – White Hats (Tomlab)
  • Anders Parker – Anders Parker (Baryon)
  • Kellie Pickler – Small Town Girl (19/ BNA)
  • Pitbull – El Mariel (TVT); Read: “Pitbull Barks About Parties, Politics On October’s El Mariel
  • The Prize Fighter Inferno – My Brother’s Blood Machine (Equal Vision); Read: “Coheed And Cambria Singer Steps Into The Ring With Prize Fighter”
  • Qwel & Meaty Ogre – Freezerburner (Galapagos)
  • Residents – The Residents Present Tweedles! (Mute)
  • Ben Riley’s Legendary Monk Septet – Memories of T (Concord)
  • Kate Russell – Powerful Stuff (Aspirion)
  • Joe Satriani – Satriani Live! (two CDs; Red Ink)
  • Scars of Tomorrow – The Failure in Drowning (Victory)
  • Spider Rockets – Ever After (self-release)
  • SunnO))) & Boris – Altar (Southern Lord)
  • Sunny Sweeney – Heartbreaker’s Hall of Fame (Independent)
  • Tea Leaf Green – Rock ’N’ Roll Band (Sci Fidelity)
  • Terra Diablo – Terra Diablo (Nocturnal)
  • This Moment in Black History – It Takes a Nation of A–holes (Cold Sweat)
  • To Live and Shave in L.A. – Noon & Eternity (Menlo Park)
  • Claude VonStroke – Beware of the Bird (Dirtybird)
  • We Are the Fury – Venus (One Big Spark/ East/West)
  • The Who – Endless Wire (Republic; limited-edition version with DVD also available)
  • Women & Children – Paralyzed Dance, Tonight (Narnack)
  • Your Black Star – Sound From the Ground (Reignition)
  • Various artists – Anjunabeats Volume Four: Mixed by Above & Beyond (Anjuna Beats)
  • Various artists – Lullaby Renditions of Led Zeppelin (Baby Rock)
  • Various artists – Trustkill Takeover Volume II (Trustkill)
  • Various artists – The Voices and Faces Project, Vol. 1 (Voices & Faces)
  • Various artists – “Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan” soundtrack (Atlantic)
  • Various artists – “Flushed Away” soundtrack (Astralwerks)
  • Various artists – “Happy Feet” soundtrack (Atlantic)

Notable Reissues and Archival Material:

  • Animal Collective – Hollinndagain (Paw Tracks)
  • Randy Bachman – Anthology (Friday)
  • Bad Brains – Live at CBGB 1982: The Audio Recordings (MVD Audio)
  • Clint Black – Killin’ Time/ Put Yourself in My Shoes (Hux)
  • Blackbeard – I Wah Dub and Strictly Dub Wize (Caroline)
  • Collage – Moonshine (enhanced; Metal Mind)
  • Sonny Curtis – Beatle Hits Flamenco Guitar Style (El)
  • Desmond Dekker – … In Memoriam 1941-2006 (MVD Audio/ Secret)
  • Sheena Easton – The Lover in Me (Cherry Pop)
  • The Exploding Hearts – Shattered (Dirtnap)
  • Flotsam and Jetsam – Doomsday for the Deceiver (with two bonus discs; Metal Blade)
  • John Fogerty – The Long Road Home: In Concert (Fantasy)
  • Buddy Guy – Can’t Quit the Blues (box set with three CDs and one DVD; Silvertone/Legacy)
  • John Lee Hooker – Hooker (four-CD box set; Shout! Factory)
  • Ice Cube – Laugh Now, Cry Later (“O.G.” limited-edition version with DVD; Lench Mob)
  • Millie Jackson – It Hurts So Good (Southbound)
  • Louis Jordan – The Aladdin “X” & Vik Recordings 1953-55 (Rev-Ola Bandstand)
  • Joy of Cooking – The Complete Joy of Cooking (two CDs; Acadia)
  • Kinks – Arista Years and RCA Years (seven- and six-CD limited-edition box sets; Velvel)
  • The Knife – Deep Cuts (enhanced) and The Knife (Mute)
  • Jerry Lee Lewis – Killer Rock ’N’ Roll (Varèse Sarabande)
  • Lil’ Romeo – Greatest Hits (Koch)
  • Arthur Lyman – Mele Kalikimaka (Empire Musicwerks)
  • Johnny Mathis – Gold: A 50th Anniversary Christmas Celebration (Columbia/Legacy)
  • Mobb Deep – Life of the Infamous: The Best of Mobb Deep (Loud/Legacy)
  • Opeth – Ghost Reveries (special-edition digipak with DVD; Roadrunner)
  • The Paris Sisters – The Complete Phil Spector Sessions (Varèse Sarabande)
  • Sandi Patty – The Voice of Christmas (Word)
  • Relient K – The Anatomy of the Tongue in Cheek (Gotee)
  • Peggy Scott – She’s Got It All: Rare 70’s Soul (Shout! Factory)
  • Nina Simone – The Nina Simone Collection (three CDs; Metro) and Remixed & Reimagined (RCA/Legacy)
  • Chris Thompson – If You Remember Me: The Very Best of Chris Thompson (Renaissance)
  • Vader – Reborn in Chaos (Metal Mind)
  • Michelle Williams – Heart to Yours/ Do You Know: Master Series (two CDs; Music World)
  • Various artists – Big Blues Box 2 (three-CD box set; Fuel)
  • Various artists – Death Row’s 15th Anniversary (Koch)
  • Various artists – The Hi Records Story (Hi)
  • Various artists – Hip Hop Forever III – Mixed by DJ Jazzy Jeff (enhanced; Rapster)
  • Various artists – Ultimate Jazz Christmas (Blue Note)

Music DVDs:

  • AC/DC – “A Classic Album Under Review: Back in Black” and “Thunder Rock: Interviews” (MVD Visual)
  • Bad Religion – “The Riot: December 29, 1990 at the El Portal Theater in Lovely North Hollywood, CA” (MVD Visual/ L.A. Access)
  • Beatles – “She Loves You” (MVD Visual)
  • Black Crowes – “Freak ’N’ Roll Into the Fog – The Black Crowes All Join Hands” (Blu Ray)
  • Johnny Cash – “Johnny Cash in Ireland” (Mercury/Universal)
  • Coheed and Cambria – “The Last Supper: Live at the Hammerstein Ballroom” (Columbia/ Equal Vision)
  • Alice Cooper – “Live at Montreux 2005″ (Blu Ray)
  • Cross Canadian Ragweed – “Back to Tulsa: Live & Loud at Cain’s Ballroom” (Universal South)
  • Cutting Crew – “Live at Full House Rock Show” (MVD Visual/ Inakustik)
  • Bob Dylan – “1966 World Tour (The Home Movies)” (MVD Visual) and “Ralph J. Gleason Presents: Dylan Speaks – The Legendary 11965 Press Conference in San Francisco” (Eagle Vision)
  • John Entwistle – “Thunderfingers: A Tribute to the Legendary John Entwistle of the Who” (MVD Visual)
  • Every Time I Die – “Sh– Happens: The Life. The Stage. The Road. The DVD.” (Ferret)
  • The Farm – “Back Together Now! Live” (MVD Visual)
  • Tennessee Ernie Ford – “A Ford Show Family Christmas” (Kultur)
  • Gorillaz – “Phase Two – Slowboat to Hades” (with bonus CD-ROM; EMI)
  • Joy Division – “Under Review” (MVD Visual)
  • Kiss – “Kissology: The Ultimate Kiss Collection – Vol. One 1974-1977″ (two DVDs; VH1 Classic)
  • Ronnie Lane – “The Passing Show: The Life & Music of Ronnie Lane” (Eagle Vision)
  • Phil Lesh and Friends – “Live at the Warfield, San Francisco, CA” (two DVDs; Image)
  • Little Steven – “Live at Full House Rock Show” (MVD Visual/ Inakustik)
  • Barry Manilow – “First & Farewell” (two DVDs; Rhino)
  • Freddie Mercury – “Lover of Life, Singer of Songs” (EMI)
  • Van Morrison – “Live at Montreux 1980 and 1974″ (Eagle Vision)
  • My Morning Jacket – “Okonokos: The Concert” (ATO/RCA)
  • Omarion – “Invitation Only” (MVD Visual)
  • Roy Orbison – “In Dreams” (Orbison/Legacy)
  • Pendragon – “And Now Everybody to the Stage” (MVD Visual)
  • Pink Floyd – “Shine On: Interviews” (MVD Visual)
  • Joe Satriani – “Satriani Live!” (Red Ink)
  • The Style Council – “Live at Full House Rock Show” (MVD Visual/ Inakustik)
  • Tea Leaf Green – “Rock ’N’ Roll Band” (Sci Fidelity)
  • Trick Daddy – “The Real Entourage” (Body Head)
  • Tupac – “The Complete Live Performances: Live at House of Blues Los Angeles & Club 662 Las Vegas” (two DVDs; Eagle Vision)
  • The Who – “Live at the Isle of Wight Festival 1970″ (Eagle Vision)
  • Young Jeezy – “Thug Motivation” (MVD Visual)
  • Various artists – “Stop the War Coalition Benefit Concert” (MVD Visual)

Coming Attractions:

November 7:

  • James Blunt – Back to Bedlam (limited-edition version with bonus CD; Atlantic)
  • Foo Fighters – Skin and Bones (RCA)
  • Jim Jones – Hustler’s P.O.M.E. (Product of My Environment) (Koch); Read: “NFL Players Shooting Jump Shots During Games? Blame Jim Jones”
  • Dave Matthews Band – The Best of What’s Around, Vol. 1 (two CDs; RCA)
  • Ol’ Dirty Bastard – A Son Unique (Def Jam)

November 14:

November 21: