Yung Joc's Ugly Win Over Method Man: Fantasy Football Week Seven Recap

Black Ty's team plays below average but gets W; Paul Wall does great but ties.

The lesson learned from week seven may be that it's not always how many points you score, it's who you play. Tyrese "Black Ty" Gibson's team played below average and still managed to get a victory. Meanwhile, Cool & Dre and Paul Wall had tremendous weeks but were unable to get wins.

In the Crunchtime Firing Squad division, Uncle Luke continues to bring up the rear and has the worst record in the entire league, with just one W (see "Kickoff Time! Check Out Our Fantasy Football League, With Lil Wayne, Paul Wall, Method Man"). The Gridiron Gangstas division's Lil Wayne and Method Man, who have two wins, are almost right at the bottom with him. Yung Joc, although one game behind Black Ty for best overall wins vs. losses totals, has the offensive weapons that make him the favorite to win it all. However, as we all know (especially Indianapolis Colts fans), being the favorite doesn't mean that you'll win. That's the beauty of sports, baby: Anything can happen, and in week seven, we saw the unbelievable in a couple of games.

(See how it all started! Method Man, Paul Wall and the others fight to draft the best players in this video.)

Paul Wall vs. Cool & Dre (100-100)

This match was almost like the scene in "Rocky II" in which Sly Stallone and Carl Weathers punch each other silly and fall to the canvas at the same time. Wall slugged it out with Cool & Dre until no one was left standing: The two sides actually had a rare tie this week. And when you score 100 points, you shouldn't have to take an L — you should pick up a win. Both sides are looking like definite contenders for the championship, with Wall's Lone Star Monsters relying on major contributions from just about every position. Detroit Lions QB Jon Kitna racked up 19 points with his three-TD performance against the New York Jets. His teammate, running back Kevin Jones, matched him with 19 points of his own.

Cool & Dre, in the meantime, literally put their fate in the hands of their #1 draft pick, Indianapolis Colts QB Peyton Manning. PM had his best game of the year with four touchdowns and close to 350 yards passing. That's 29 points and just about a third of his team's total. The crazy thing: If Wall would have started Tatum Bell (with 18 points) instead of Fred Taylor (only half as many points at Bell), he would have won. Cool & Dre would have handily taken the duke if they would have gone with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers defense and other teams they benched.

Liz Hernandez vs. Lil Wayne (85-84)

Poor Liz — another tough face-off against Lil Wayne that went down to the wire. This is serious, folks. Just a one-point shift meant the difference between Liz sitting comfortably in second place, within arm's reach of Yung Joc in the Gridiron Gangstas division, or her second loss of the year to Wayne. Liz's starting QB, Michael Vick, really brought it this week. He stayed in the pocket and showed that when he's not scrambling for 100 yards a game, he really can throw. Four TDs for NFL's version of Superman. Running back Chester Taylor was beating this past week for 169 yards, and even Terrell Owens is turning his season around (and we all know that he's too talented not to) with close to 100 yards.

With his fifth loss of the year, Weezy F has fallen down the cellar of his division. He's not alone though: Method Man, who also has five losses, is keeping him company. Wayne put on a valiant effort, but he was hampered by Clinton Portis' mediocre play. Only 43 yards rushing and 6 points. Somebody didn't pull his weight this week.

Black Ty vs. Uncle Luke (66-34)

Luke needs some help fast. It's starting to look very ugly. He hasn't scored at least 70 in one single game all year, and his main man, Edgerrin James, is looking like the biggest bust of the year. Last week, Luke started three players who had byes, but even if he had put on his bench players who took the field in real life, he still would have gotten blown out. On the flipside, Tyrese started two players with byes — notably Torry Holt instead of Hines Ward, who had a monster blockbuster with 35 points — and was still able to win handily. 'Rese won for the sixth time against a single loss and still has the league's best record.

Yung Joc vs. Method Man (129-39)

Um ... yeah. The score pretty much tells it all. It was lopsided, ugly and scarier than the trailer for "Saw III." Joc's lineup is still the league's most dynamic, and last week he had three players scoring 23 or more points (LaDainian Tomlinson, Brian Westbrook and Alge Crumpler). Mr. Mef made some oversights with his lineup this week, starting four positions with players or defenses who had byes (wide receiver Darrell Jackson had 19 points on the bench). But honestly, it really didn't matter: You could add his starters and bench's points together and Yung Joc still would have annihilated him. A bright note for one of the Wu-Tang cornerstones is that his top pick, Shaun Alexander, may get some action on Sunday because his broken foot is almost mended.

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