Sick Of 'SexyBack'? YouTube Has The Guy Who's Bringing Sweaty Back

Justin spoofs — including 'HairyBack,' 'PaxilBack' — are all over video-sharing site.

There's apparently a lot to be said about backs and comebacks.

Inspired by Justin Timberlake and his "SexyBack" phenomenon (see "Should Justin Timberlake Be Worried About A SexyBacklash?"), musicians and video-makers have flooded the Web with spoofs of the song, from "SweatyBack" to "ScratchMyBack."

"I'm just hoping Justin watches them," "HairyBack" creator Andy Signore said. "I can't imagine he wouldn't laugh at it. We're definitely not trying to bust on him."

Here's the rundown on four parodies that had our eyes glued to YouTube:


Creator: Blair Peyton

Résumé: With " Funny Stuff," his cable-access show in Roanoke, Virginia, Peyton has made more than 40 comedy videos, all of which are available on YouTube. He's even parodied Timberlake before, turning "Rock Your Body" into "Wash Your Body."

Sample lyrics: "The sweat rolls off me like a giant wave/ Dehydration's what I really crave/ It's just that no one digs my pits this way."

Inspiration: "It's kind of funny because this medication that I'm taking makes me sweat really bad," Peyton said. "So I was just like, 'We ought to do a parody of my sweaty back.' "

Money shot: Two plus-sized dancers rub their hands across the back of Peyton's soaked T-shirt.

Fun fact: "We didn't have a black guy to play Timbaland, so I got my friend Christy and just zoomed in on her mouth," Peyton said. "We didn't really plan out the video, we just got together and improvised."


Creator: The Gray Kid (a.k.a. Steve Cooper), Daniel Stessen and their Los Angeles artist collective People Food

Résumé: Rapper/singer the Gray Kid recently released an album of original tunes called ... 5,6,7,8 and is also known for his mash-up covers. "For the next one I'm re-recording Ludacris' ['Southern Hospitality'] with the music of Interpol's 'Untitled,' " Cooper said. "It's kind of like an exercise for me."

Sample lyrics: "I'm brining Paxil back/ The platinum bottle with the childproof cap/ Just read the dosage and quadruple that/ Six whiskeys later I'll be on my back."

Inspiration: "Daniel and I suffer from the same ailments this year, feeling you're really good at something and still having a stupid day job, feeling really capable and losing girlfriends," Cooper explained. "So we were sitting there like, 'How can we make this life, which is like you kind of want to be us but kind of not, and make that cool? And we had been joking about 'SexyBack' because it's very absurd. You can't bring sexy back. And we thought, 'What could be more absurd to bring back?' And [the antidepressant drug] Paxil came to mind, because it never went away either."

Money shot: As Cooper sings "I'm OCD," he scratches off a to-do list's top item: "Make a to-do list."

Fun fact: United Talent Agency signed People Food after seeing the video. "For a split second I was like, 'Hmm, I hope people don't get it wrong, because I'm real serious about my records,' " Cooper said. "I'm not like an ironic character. But this sh-- is too tight, I'm not going to trip about that."


Creator: Andy Signore

Résumé: The man behind is best known for "Snakes on Claire Danes," which film critic Richard Roeper singled out in the Chicago Sun-Times. Really. Signore has also directed a horror comedy called "The Janitor."

Sample lyrics: "Girls like my hairy back/ It's bushy like Geraldo's mustache/ It's like my own brown furry backpack/ Longer than a ride on Amtrak."

Inspiration: "The song is so annoying but catchy, and it just frustrated me because the lyrics make absolutely no sense," Signore said of the original. "So I wanted to make a version that made sense, and being a hairy guy myself, I was like, 'Hey, that'd be kind of funny if we bring hairy back.' "

Money shot: Two video vixens give shirtless and exceptionally hairy actor Larry Butler a sunscreen rubdown on the beach.

Fun fact: "I needed hairy people, which was a very weird request, to say, 'Can we have you dance around with your shirt off all day?' " Signore said. "One of my buddies was like, 'I know Bunkie from 'Big Brother,' which I'd actually watched and he was like the hairy dude, which is just this random score. He called back and said, 'Cool, I'm in.' "


Creator: KT (a.k.a. Kevin Taylor)

Résumé: The 15-year-old got into making parody videos after morphing "Gold Digger" into a song about Tourette's syndrome for his high school biology class. "Everyone loved it," Taylor said. "I got a B+."

Sample lyrics: "Pikachu/ See now I choose you/ Thundershock them two."

Inspiration: "I was trying to think of something that wasn't exactly sexy, and the first thing that came to my head was Pokémon," Taylor said. "So I just started writing about what most people know about Pokemon and what they would think is funny."

Money shot: KT opens with a caveat: "I sorta suck at singing, so I warn you now." Stick Timbaland and some vocal effects on this kid, though, and it won't matter.

Fun fact: Taylor actually got hate mail from Pokémon fans, and YouTube pulled the video for using copyrighted material.