Think You Know 'Saw'? This Gory Trivia Would Make Jigsaw Proud ...

As 'Saw III' approaches, here are first two installments by the numbers.

On October 27, horror fans will line up for the third installment in the "Saw" franchise. Like the previous chapters, "Saw III" plays out like a demented Simon Says, with the Jigsaw killer using simple rules and games to dispose of his victims. Play and you live — but only if you "don't forget the rules," as Jigsaw says. With that in mind, we decided to play the kind of game Jigsaw would appreciate — breaking down the first two installments by the numbers. Pay close attention. We know Jigsaw does.

4081: First combination flashed onscreen during Jigsaw's second murder in the first flick. A man must open a safe for which possible combinations are written on the walls. After being given a candle and covered in flammable wax, he has to determine the real combination or, as Jigsaw says, "All the people you've burned with your act just might have their revenge."

210: Heart rate of Diana Gordon (Makenzie Vega) in beats per minute, calculated based on a 10-second sample of when Zep (Michael Emerson) holds a gun to her head. Forget bullets — at that rate, Diana would soon go into cardiac arrest.

60: Seconds Amanda (Shawnee Smith) has to cut open the stomach of her supposedly dead cellmate before a reverse bear trap will blow apart her jaw. Amanda soon discovers that her cellmate is not dead but on an overdose of opiates that leaves him dazed but very much alive.

36: Seconds of the first Jigsaw tape that are addressed to Adam (writer/actor Leigh Whannell). "Are you going to watch yourself die today, Adam, or are you going to do something about it?" Jigsaw asks. After years of frustration, Whannell decided that if he were going to become an actor, he was going to have to do it by making his own film. Co-written with James Wan, the resulting script was "Saw."

25: Age Whannell was when he finally moved out of his parents' house — immediately preceding the worldwide success of "Saw."

23: Times Dr. Lawrence Gordon (Cary Elwes) is shown cutting through his leg with a hacksaw. In reality, it's much more likely the good doctor would have passed out from the pain long before he got all the way through his ankle.

8: Deaths in the first "Saw." For those playing at home, that's Razor Man, Burn Boy, Guy With Key in Stomach, two detectives, Zep, Adam and Gordon.

6: Days star Tobin Bell (Jigsaw) lied on the floor while actors performed the bathroom scenes in the first "Saw." Although his body is only seen incidentally in background shots for most of the film, director James Wan could not afford a dummy and had Bell lie perfectly still for the entirety of the shooting.

5: Months since Gordon was framed for the Jigsaw murders. Now a victim himself, Gordon dies thinking Jigsaw is his orderly Zep, never suspecting that the real murderer was right in front of his eyes the whole time.

4: Days it took the same number of people to replace all the needle tips with felt tips for the Syringe Pit scene in "Saw II." There were more than 120,000 individual syringes.

2: Hours Paul (Mike Butters), "a perfectly healthy, sane, middle-class male," has to crawl through a maze of razor wire to reach a door, which will shut promptly at 3 — leaving Paul trapped in the tomb forever. A month before, Paul had tried to kill himself. Now he has to cut himself to survive. "How much blood will you shed to live?" Jigsaw asks.

1: Buildings used to film "Saw II." The entire flick was shot in a single location.

0: Amount of dollars director James Wan was paid up front for the first "Saw," opting instead to take a percentage of the box-office profits. The flick went on to gross $55 million domestically.

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