Paul Wall Wants Tyrese's #1 Spot: Fantasy Football Week Six Recap

Block Entertainment are back in contention, with another 100-plus-point week.

Week six? Nah, week sick!

We saw some outstanding real-life play translate into major fantasy points. There's no way you can start talking about last week without giving props to LaDainian Tomlinson. L.T. had an eye-bulging four touchdowns and 37 points. Meanwhile, Torry Holt was hurting the game as well with 33 points this week.

The big questions going into last week: Would Tyrese "Black Ty" Gibson be able to hold on to the best record in the league? Yessssir! And would Luke start to climb out of the overall last position? Let's just say next year is fewer than 365 days away ...

(See how it all went down! Method Man, Paul Wall and the others fight to draft the best players in this video, only on Overdrive.)

In the Gridiron Gangstas division, Block Entertainment proved this week why they're holding down the #1 position (they're back at more than 100 points again). And yes, Tyrese is still the leader of the Crunchtime Zone Firing Squad division, but he can't let up for one minute — Paul Wall is right on his heels.

Method Man (52) vs. Liz Hernandez (98)
Carson Palmer, Cincinnati (14 points) QB Jake Delhomme, Carolina (18 points)
Jamal Lewis, Baltimore (4 points) RB Steven Jackson, St. Louis (15 points)
Dominic Rhodes, Indianapolis (bye, 0 points) RB Deuce McAllister, New Orleans (9 points)
Reggie Wayne, Indianapolis (bye, 0 points) WR Terrell Owens, Dallas (22 points)
Chris Chambers, Miami (12 points) WR Randy Moss, Oakland (8 points)
Todd Heap, Baltimore (11 points) TE Chris Cooley, Washington (8 points)
New Orleans Saints (5 points) D/ST San Diego Chargers (7 points)
Robbie Gould, Chicago (6 points) K John Kasay, Carolina (11 points)

Liz showed just as much girl power as She-Ra this past week. Point blank, baby girl kicked butt! Terrell Owens finally displayed why he's arguably the top wide receiver in the league, catching three touchdowns and giving Liz 22 points. Meanwhile, Jake Delhomme manned the QB position like a top gun in week six. Two TDs, 365 yards and a real-life win over the Ravens to boot — his best game of the season. Meth's weary season continues. He started two players who had bye weeks (Dominic Rhodes and Reggie Wayne), and the players he actually had in the game didn't give him much. Jamal Lewis has been suspect at best all year (four points this week) and Carson Palmer has played well, but certainly not in the bracket of A-status starting quarterbacks. But don't worry, Meth: They say Shaun Alexander should be back in a couple of weeks. That's what's up!

Lil Wayne (44) vs. Joc/ Block Entertainment (119)
Rex Grossman, Chicago (-3 points) QB Drew Brees, New Orleans (19 points)
Reggie Bush, New Orleans (5 points) RB LaDainian Tomlinson, San Diego (37 points)
Clinton Portis, Washington (18 points) RB Brian Westbrook, Philadelphia (7 points)
Muhsin Muhammad, Chicago (0 points) WR Anquan Boldin, Arizona (19 points)
Marques Colston, New Orleans (10 points) WR Joe Horn, New Orleans (23 points)
Tony Gonzalez, Kansas City (1 point) TE Alge Crumpler, Atlanta (6 points)
Baltimore Ravens (4 points) D/ST Seattle Seahawks (8 points)
John Carney, New Orleans (9 points) K Adam Vinatieri, Indianapolis (bye, 0 points)

Instead of "Please Say the Baby," Weezy might be shouting, "Please save the baby!" After only racking up 44 points in each of the past two weeks, he's in trouble. His team is about as reliable as Alex Rodriguez playing in an American League playoff game. Last week Wayne's starting QB, Rex Grossman, gave him negative-3 points. What? How in the world do you do that? Grossman's real-life go-to guy, wide receiver Muhsin Muhammad — who happens to start for Wayne's team as well — wasn't much better with zero points for week six. Block Entertainment are back to looking unstoppable. Yung Joc and Block's star player, LaDainian Tomlinson, only ran for 71 yards, but his four touchdowns earned him 37 points. He almost single-handedly took out Team Wayne. Add a solid 23 points from wideout Joe Horn (love your end-zone dance), and it was almost over before it started for this matchup.

Cool & Dre (55) vs. Tyrese "Black Ty" Gibson (89)
Peyton Manning, Indianapolis (bye, 0 points) QB Donovan McNabb, Philadelphia (15 points)
Ronnie Brown, Miami (18 points) RB Tiki Barber, New York (22 points)
Ahman Green, Green Bay (bye, 0 points) RB Thomas Jones, Chicago (4 points)
Steve Smith, Carolina (24 points) WR Torry Holt, St. Louis (33 points)
Donald Driver, Green Bay (bye, 0 points) WR Matt Jones, Jacksonville (bye, 0 points)
Dallas Clark, Indianapolis (bye, 0 points) TE L.J. Smith, Philadelphia (10 points)
Carolina Panthers (6 points) D/ST New England Patriots (bye, 0 points)
David Akers, Philadelphia (7 points) K Olindo Mare, Miami (5 points)

Good news and bad news: Cool & Dre's team scored enough points to knock Black Ty out of the box this week, but most of their players who killed it were on the bench. They started four players who had bye weeks. Black Ty's best record in the fantasy league is intact. He too had a couple of miscues in his starting lineup that wound up being harmless. Luckily Torry Holt was playing like he caught the Holy Ghost (eight receptions and 154 yards receiving for 33 points), and Tiki Barber was able to run circles around the competition with nearly 200 yards rushing. T.B. chipped in 22 points.

Uncle Luke (68) vs. Paul Wall (106)
Byron Leftwich, Jacksonville (bye, 0 points) QB Marc Bulger, St. Louis (24 points)
Edgerrin James, Arizona (5 points) RB Tatum Bell, Denver (15 points)
Warrick Dunn, Atlanta (20 points) RB Kevin Jones, Detroit (21 points)
Chad Johnson, Cincinnati (9 points) WR Bernard Berrian, Chicago (3 points)
Antonio Bryant, San Francisco (7 points) WR Andre Johnson, Houston (7 points)
Desmond Clark, Chicago (6 points) TE Antonio Gates, San Diego (13 points)
Chicago Bears (21 points) D/ST Dallas Cowboys (10 points)
Ryan Longwell, Minnesota (bye, 0 points) K Nate Kaeding, San Diego (13 points)

Who's laughing now? Paul Wall has established himself with one of the best teams in the league, and in week six, he had his best showing of the year. His "Lonestar Monsters" continue to be consistent. Quarterback Marc Bulger had another three TDs and a 300-yard-plus throwing game. Detroit's Kevin Jones had a monster-worthy 127 yards, equaling 22 points. A real good look. Luke remains in the basement with the worst record in the league. He's still waiting on one of his prized draft picks, Edgerrin James, to crack 100 yards rushing, and somebody better tell him to stop sleeping on Matt Hasselbeck. Sure, he had slow start and we even called him "Hassle-wack," but he's turned it around like an Usher dance spin. His 24 points this week from Luke's bench were truly needed.

Standings: Gridiron Gangstas
Team Wins Losses Points For Points Against
Yung Joc 4 2 527 406
Lil Wayne 2 4 424 561
Liz Hernandez 3 3 470 409
Method Man 2 4 385 472

Standings: Crunchtime Zone Firing Squad
Team Wins Losses Points For Points Against
Tyrese "Black Ty" Gibson 5 1 492 395
Cool & Dre 3 3 405 394
Paul Wall 4 2 444 404
Uncle Luke 1 5 390 496

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