50 Cent Gives Ciara The 'Flavor' She's Looking For

G-Unit general and another mystery guest join singer on December 5 LP.

After recording a song called "Dope Boys" for her forthcoming second album, Ciara felt it needed "some kind of flavor." So she brought one of the dopest boys in the game.

OK, "boy" is really not the right word.

"I ended up doing it with 50," Ciara said, referring, of course, to 50 Cent. "Rodney Jerkins produced it and I think it's going to be a big record. The way he laid his verses is crazy."

The collaboration inspired Ciara to add one more 11th-hour "very special" guest to Ciara: The Evolution, although she's refusing to name names. Otherwise, the album is finished, and in fact, Ciara shot the video for the first single, "Promise," last Monday.

Ciara declares she's single on the midtempo track (produced by Polow Da Don of Fergie's "London Bridge" fame) and shares her willingness to give her all for the right man (see "Ciara Talks Single Life, Dreams Of Acting Like A Boy On Evolution"). That said, it's not a serious song.

"I just wanted to make a record that felt good, and I think this is one of those records that truly is a sing-along, and that was the goal," Ciara said. "I want you to be able to go back to the old days, and put your hands up and rock from side to side and just feel good."

For the video, Ciara and director Diane Martel (Ashlee Simpson's "L.O.V.E.") came up with something equally fun and simple. "We have this special thing I can't wait for you all to see," Ciara said, sticking to her secrecy policy and refusing to actually describe what that "thing" is. "But it's really just about the performance in this video more than anything, and the way [Martel] is lighting it. We didn't really want to do the typical R&B video."

The video should debut later this month, while Ciara: The Evolution is due December 5. "I definitely just want to give more and show more of who I am," Ciara said of the album. "I'm really embracing womanhood right now and really enjoying that feeling. And as a writer, I'm just going to wherever my soul leads me."