Muse Get Stuck At Sea — Without Unicorns — In 'Starlight' Clip

Band selects stripped-down treatment for 'simple' second single from Black Holes & Revelations.

DEVORE, California — Muse have given up trying to predict which songs their record label will want to release as singles.

"There's always a few tracks you think will make a good single," frontman Matthew Bellamy said backstage at KROQ's Inland Invasion show recently (see "Guns N' Roses Take On Aguilera, Chester Bennington Joins Alice In Chains At Inland Invasion"). "But I'll tell you what, 'Knights' was a surprise. To do that as the first single [from Black Holes & Revelations] over here, that was not something I expected. It's a nice surprise though, because it's one of the more unusual tracks on the album."

And now, to follow up the epic "Knights of Cydonia," Muse are releasing a completely different tune, "Starlight."

"It's a quite simple song really — in fact it took us awhile to record it 'cause we didn't know how simple to be with it," bassist Chris Wolstenholme said. "It's kind of a love song about missing someone, friends, family, someone you love. It's really kind of upbeat."

To accompany the track, Muse shot a rather simple video — well at least compared to the ambitious "Knights" clip (see "Cowboys, Lasers, Karate, Robots — Muse Left Nothing Out Of Buzzworthy Video").

"It's us hanging around on a ship abandoned at sea," Bellamy said of the performance-heavy video. "We're playing there with a bunch of flares 'cause we're trying to get rescued, but we don't. We just end up getting abandoned."

The video has already been released in Europe, where Muse are headed later this month after finishing a Stateside trek on Wednesday. That tour will last through the end of the year and be followed by jaunts through Australia and Southeast Asia

"It's great to have tracks like 'Take a Bow' and 'Knights,' which really bring the theatrical vibe into what you're doing," Bellamy said of touring behind Black Holes & Revelations. "I really like it when songs bring something out of you that you're surprised by onstage."

For the European tour, Muse will be traveling with much more of a stage production than they have been working with on the stripped-down North American dates.

"We've got these big telegraph poles, a lot of these weird wires attached to this video screen over the crowds' heads, so we're doing some stuff that is going to be quite out of the ordinary," Bellamy promised. "Apart from that, I think the music does speak for itself. Sometimes you don't need to go too far with the production when you've got good, epic tracks in the first place."