Kelis Wants To Help You Dress, Cook — But She Won't Do Your Taxes

'Bossy' singer works on fashion line, cookbook, cosmetics.

Kelis said she was "Bossy" on her last single, but now the saucy R&B star is out to prove it — in the boardroom.

The singer is launching an apparel line called Cake and is scheduled to release her own cookbook in 2007. There's also a plan in the works for a Kelis-headed line of cosmetics and beauty products, she said.

The free-spirited artist said the business ventures are an extension of her natural interests and that she couldn't pass up the opportunities.

"Fashion is a big part of my life, so I'm sticking by that, really," Kelis explained. "I got a million and one ideas. And I'm always approached by designers and people about stuff. I actually designed items for my first video and my second ['Bossy' and 'Blindfold Me']. So it just made sense. It's actually really second nature to me. It hasn't been a far stretch.

"I have the ideas, and then [the process] is just like with the music industry," she continued. "You have to have the vision, and then you have to have someone willing to release your vision."

Though in its formative stages, the clothing line will follow Kelis' eclectic styling while still being wearable. The singer — who enjoyed a brief run designing handbags in the past — points to her "Bossy" clip and her high-waist jeans as an example of what's to come from her line. Like with her own fashion, Kelis added, she will be totally hands-on with Cake.

"I'm always dressing myself," she said. "And I'm a mixer and a matcher. Like in the 'Bossy' video, those jeans I had, I designed them because that's what I wanted to wear. I totally mix them up with the shoes and the blouse. When I make my line, [that's how it's going to be]. I'm not going wear all Kelis. I'm still going do my own thing."

With her cookbook, however, Kelis said her direction is going to be more straightforward. Her mother was a chef, she explained, and the singer herself has been cooking for years. Kelis said she can tackle everything from soul food to Latin cuisine to Asian delicacies.

"I have to say, actually, I'm good," she said, laughing. " 'Cause I don't really have a special dish. I can pretty much make anything. Even if I go to a restaurant and taste something, I'll go, 'Oh, I can make this,' and I'll just throw my own stuff into it. I don't really do stuff that I'm not good at. So I wouldn't say, 'Hey, let me do your taxes,' and then you'll be angry with me. But if I say, 'Let me make you something to eat,' then that I can definitely do."

As for her husband, Nas — who she recently filmed a video with for "Blindfold Me," the second single from Kelis Was Here — Kelis said he's not that impressed with her kitchen skills.

"He's really easy, honestly." Kelis said. "I can make anything for him, and if I put it in front of him, he'll eat it."

Kelis is currently lining up tour dates in support of Kelis Was Here. She's expected to hit the road beginning next month.