Fantasy Football Week Two: Yung Joc Dominates; Paul Wall, Method Man Can't Win

Joc's Block Entertainment team has back-to-back 100-plus-point weeks.

Week two in fantasy football is the time to prove your team has staying power. And over the weekend, Block Entertainment put the rest of the league on notice.

Yung Joc and Block's team is scoring points all over the place, breaking the 100-point mark twice now. Meanwhile, Paul Wall and Method Man haven't looked too good. They are the only MCs who haven't put a check in the win column (see "Kickoff Time! Check Out Our Fantasy Football League, With Lil Wayne, Paul Wall, Method Man").

(See how it all went down! Method Man, Paul Wall and the others fight to draft the best players in this video, only on Overdrive.)

The undefeated Block Entertainment has a hold on first place in the Gridiron Gangstas division, while Lil Wayne and MTV's Liz Hernandez are tied for #2 with one win and one loss. Poor Meth's all alone in last place.

In the Crunchtime Zone Firing Squad division, the undefeated Tyrese "Black Ty" Gibson snagged the #1 spot. Cool & Dre stepped up their game and got their first win. They are now tied for second place with Uncle Luke (who slipped one spot in the standings). Paul Wall's in last place, but that could all change in just a few short weeks.

It's still anybody's game.

Yung Joc (115) vs. Method Man (79)
Eli Manning, New York (24 points) QB Carson Palmer, Cincinnati (18 points)
LaDainian Tomlinson, San Diego (24 points) RB Shaun Alexander, Seattle (14 points)
Brian Westbrook, Philadelphia (17 points) RB Willie Parker, Pittsburgh (2 points)
Anquan Boldin, Arizona (6 points) WR Reggie Wayne, Indianapolis (13 points)
Plaxico Burress, New York (17 points) WR Chris Chambers, Miami (11 points)
Alge Crumpler, Atlanta (2 points) TE Todd Heap, Baltimore (7 points)
Seattle Seahawks (11 points) D/ST New York Giants (8 points)
Adam Vinatieri, Indianapolis (14 points) K Jay Feely, New York (6 points)

Yung Joc and Block are proving that two heads are better than one, as their team scored even more points than last week. Props to quarterback Eli Manning, whose 371 yards and three touchdowns led his Giants to an overtime win against the Eagles and catapulted Block Entertainment in a big way. Meanwhile, Chargers running back LaDainian Tomlinson's three-touchdown performance matched Eli with 24 points. Meth's players are putting up halfway-decent numbers but still not enough to put him in the win column. He fell to 0-2, mainly because his first two draft picks, Carlson Palmer and Shaun Alexander, have yet to put up big stats (18 and 14 points respectively).

Liz Hernandez (82) vs. Lil Wayne (83)
Jake Delhomme, Carolina (7 points) QB Daunte Culpepper, Miami (12 points)
Steven Jackson, St. Louis (12 points) RB Larry Johnson, Kansas City (16 points)
Rudi Johnson, Cincinnati (26 points) RB Reggie Bush, New Orleans (6 points)
Terrell Owens, Dallas (1 point) WR Marvin Harrison, Indianapolis (12 points)
Donte Stallworth, Philadelphia (14 points) WR Andre Johnson, Houston (11 points)
Jason Witten, Dallas (4 points) TE Tony Gonzalez, Kansas City (0 points)
Dallas Cowboys (11 points) D/ST Baltimore Ravens (21 points)
John Kasay, Carolina (7 points) K Neil Rackers, Arizona (5 points)

You have to love fantasy football. Last week, Wayne scored an awesome 98 points and lost. This week 83 was enough (barely) to get him his first win. He actually had the second-most points out of any team this week. Weezy can thank Ray Lewis and the rest of the Baltimore Ravens; their defense is scoring more than most of the quarterbacks in the league (21 points). Liz is probably cursing Cowboys receiver Terrell Owens right now. Not only did he give her a measly one point this week, but he has a broken finger and is out for at least a couple of weeks. She might be in a little trouble because her other wide receiver pick, Oakland's Randy Moss, has been just about useless this season and even rode the bench this week. Thank goodness for Bengals running back Rudi Johnson, who continues to impress. He scored 26 points this week.

Paul Wall (60) vs. Cool & Dre (81)
Tom Brady, New England (10 points) QB Peyton Manning, Indianapolis (28 points)
LaMont Jordan, Oakland (3 points) RB Ronnie Brown, Miami (12 points)
Corey Dillon, New England (14 points) RB Julius Jones, Dallas (9 points)
Larry Fitzgerald, Arizona (5 points) WR Steve Smith, Carolina (0 points)
Roy Williams, Detroit (7 points) WR Donald Driver, Green Bay (16 points)
Antonio Gates, San Diego (5 points) TE Jeremy Shockey, New York (1 point)
Pittsburgh Steelers (6 points) D/ST Carolina Panthers (9 points)
Shayne Graham, Cincinnati (10 points) K David Akers, Philadelphia (6 points)

This one was a total blowout. Paul Wall won't be showing off his grill for at least a week. If he were a real head coach, he'd have his team running laps right about now. Starting QB Tom Brady was only able to score 11 points, and his starting tight end, Ben Troupe, put up the same numbers Paul Wall did: zero. Draft trash-talkers Cool & Dre didn't exactly accumulate a staggering total, but 81 points was more than enough to win. Colts quarterback Peyton Manning's 28 points alone was almost half of what Paul Wall's entire team put up. Giants tight end Jeremy Shockey was probably the biggest disappointment for the production duo: He only brought home one point and is questionable for next week.

Tyrese "Black Ty" Gibson (75) vs. Uncle Luke (69)                
Donovan McNabb, Philadelphia (25 points) QB Matt Hasselbeck, Seattle (8 points)
Tiki Barber, New York (10 points) RB Edgerrin James, Arizona (9 points)
Carnell Williams, Tampa Bay (3 points) RB Kevin Jones, Detroit (7 points)
Torry Holt, St. Louis (9 points) WR Chad Johnson, Cincinnati (13 points)
Hines Ward, Pittsburgh (2 points) WR Santana Moss, Washington (7 points)
L.J. Smith, Philadelphia (11 points) TE Randy McMichael, Miami (3 points)
New England Patriots (6 points) D/ST Chicago Bears (13 points)
Jason Elam, Denver (9 points) K Jeff Wilkins, St. Louis (9 points)

Philly's Donovan McNabb is proving he doesn't need T.O., and Black Ty loves him for it. Ty's starting QB has thrown for more than 600 yards in two weeks and has five touchdowns, earning 25 points. Uncle Luke has to be asking his main man Edgerrin James, "What happened, dog?" Arizona's Edge could only contribute nine points and has yet to run for 100 yards this season. Seattle quarterback Matt Hasselbeck only scored eight points for Luke — that's enough to make a grown man cry. Luke benched Falcons running back Warrick Dunn, who ran for 134 yards on Sunday. The week before that he got 132 yards. Stop sleeping, Luke.

Standings: Gridiron Gangstas
Team Wins Losses Points For Points Against
Yung Joc 2 0 229 177
Lil Wayne 1 1 181 196
Liz Hernandez 1 1 147 125
Method Man 0 2 121 180

Standings: Crunchtime Zone Firing Squad
Team Wins Losses Points For Points Against
Tyrese "Black Ty" Gibson 2 0 153 146
Cool & Dre 1 1 158 138
Uncle Luke 1 1 156 146
Paul Wall 0 2 131 168

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