'Fat Joe Is Signed To Fat Joe' — Newly Independent MC, Lil Wayne Shoot 'Rain' Video -Testing At 10:16

'Make It Rain' is first single from Me, Myself and I, now due November 14. -Testing At 10:16

Fat Joe says teaming up with Lil Wayne is the most awesome thing he's done — at least visually.

"My best video ever, man," he said from Miami about his new video for "Make It Rain," which features a guest performance from Lil Weezy. "I'm not playing."

(Click for photos from the "Make It Rain" video shoot.)

A few weeks ago, Joe shot a video for "No Drama" (see "Fat Joe As Denzel? 'No Drama' Clip Is A 'Man On Fire' Remake"). The track is from Me, Myself and I, now due November 14 (see "Fat Joe On September Release: 'Bet The Kitchen Sink On Me' "). Joe called up friends like NBA All-Star Ron Artest, the LOX and the Diplomats to make cameo appearances, but since then, the head of the Terror Squad has opted to go with "Make It Rain" for the first single. (The "No Drama" video will be a bonus on his album.)

"The 'Make it Rain' video starts off raining, you see the blue Phantom [Rolls Royce] door open, and DJ Khaled is standing there with an umbrella," Joe said. "I walk up to the camera, slow motion. Next thing you know, 'Cr-cr-cr-crack! Cr-cr-cr-crack! Cr-cr-cr-crack!' I start rappin' under the umbrella, and Khaled is standing there getting soaked in the rain — like 'Joe's the boss! Loyalty!' — while I'm just killing it.

"Then we got the green screen," Joe continued. "Weezy comes down, you see a forklift, money drizzling. A pallet of money, $10 million! Weezy's on top of a mountain of money. Puff came by. Puffy was making it rain, doing his dance. Then Ricky Ross came through. Scott Storch was — I forget, man. Chris Robinson shot the video. Too much love."

Joe called the video "a big statement."

"Big-time statement," he said. "Whoever thought, 'He fell off, he went independent,' it's too serious of a statement."

A few months ago, Joe left Atlantic records, to which he's been signed for the better part of the last decade. He finalized a distribution deal for his Terror Squad Entertainment label through Imperial/EMI.

"Fat Joe is signed to Fat Joe," he said. "I have a distribution deal for my label. I'm independent. I'm very happy with that."

Joe said he'll have his own publicity, video and radio promotion staff and will continue to fund his own videos and album production.

"The album is done," he said about Me, Myself and I. "I got up with Scott Storch last night, and he gave me some fire. I might do something with that. Other than that, it's a wrap."

Besides Wayne, who appears on two records, Joey's LP also features the Game on "Breathe and Stop." -Testing At 10:16