Chingy, Jermaine Dupri Ponder The Physics Of Denim In 'Dem Jeans'--FINAL TESTING--

Club jam is second single off Chingy's Hoodstar, due September 19.--FINAL TESTING--

HOLLYWOOD — There's a serious question Jermaine Dupri's been pondering for some time now.

"How do they even stay up?" the rapper asked, as a group of ladies in jeans almost illegally low sashayed by. "They don't even wear belts, so it's like sitting on this little pelvic bone."

Not that he's complaining. In fact, J.D.'s such a proponent of low-cut jeans that he wrote a chorus about them. It begins, "Damn girl, how do you get all that in dem jeans?"

"Some stuff that comes out of my mouth, it sounds like somebody else should say it," Dupri said. "That artist is usually at the studio and I just tell them they should say it."

In the case of those particular words, the artist was Chingy, on his first day in Dupri's So So Def Studios.

"We went through two or three choruses but kept coming back to that first chorus," Chingy recalled. "It's for the clubs; it's for the radios."

"We was just trying to make something that was reminiscent of an old Chingy record but had that new energy," added Dupri, who was playing the beat when Chingy first walked into the studio.

Originally, Dupri had no intention of rapping on the record, but Chingy convinced him to do a verse (in which he name-checks Rock & Republic jeans). The end result, "Dem Jeans," is the second single from Chingy's Hoodstar album (due September 19) and could be considered a sequel of sorts to his smash single "Right Thurr" (see "Chingy Out To Prove Himself As A Hoodstar With Jermaine Dupri, Tyrese").

"My audience definitely wants a party jam from me," Chingy said. "I figured that out before I was in this industry professionally. I go in clubs, and I know what people listen to. They love club music when they go out, so that's the type of music I make, and I've been doing this for 17 years now."

Coincidentally, when Chingy first got into hip-hop at the young age of 9, one of the first producers he met was Dupri.

"He came to a Kris Kross concert," Dupri recalled. "He thought he was the third member. I had his demo and I tried to sign him, but [Disturbing Tha Peace] wouldn't let me. I got a radio show in Atlanta, and I was like the first person to play him."

"J.D. is somebody I've always wanted to work with," Chingy added. "So it's amazing that we made some magic." (Chingy and Dupri also went on to make Hoodstar's first single, "Pullin' Me Back.")

Chingy and Dupri recently reconvened at Hollywood clubs Privilege and Hyde Lounge to shoot the "Dem Jeans" video.

"It's basically fashion ads, that's kind of what we're going to do with the video," Dupri said. "I got on my crispy white tee, doing my Calvin Klein thing. That's how my ad looks, and Chingy got another ad that looks kind of like something else we've seen. And then we're inside the club doing what we do and running up on girls that's got on these low-cut jeans that us guys can't keep our eyes off of."

The video also features cameos from Too Short and Young Spiffy, Chingy's cousin and the first artist on his Slot-A-Lot Records.

"I saw my man Chingy at the airport over the weekend flying out of Detroit," Too Short said on the set. "He was doing something totally different in town that day than I was, and he was flying somewhere totally different, but we just happened to be going through security at the same time. He's like, 'I'll be in L.A. next week doing a video.' And I said, 'I'll come too.' "

The real star of the video is of course dem jeans — and the women who fill them.

"Whoever cast this video and whoever's doing the styling, I'm giving you the thumbs up," Too Short joked. "These girls are looking good, and believe me, I'm a connoisseur."--FINAL TESTING--