Fall Out Boy Say Next LP May Fix Global Warming, Feature Jay-Z

Band halfway done recording follow-up to From Under the Cork Tree in Los Angeles.

UNIVERSAL CITY, California — If Patrick Stump is to be believed, Fall Out Boy's next album will include several eight-minute, synthesizer-based opuses.

"With a Theremin and a didgeridoo," the band's singer/guitarist added.

And if Pete Wentz is to be believed, well, "We're actually going to lower global warming by one degree with this record."

Although they have the ability to sell millions of albums, it's doubtful the quartet has mastered climate control. So, like Stump later suggested, they're instead going to focus on the sound that's made them famous. "I feel like it's going to be an organic growth, like things we did [on 2005's From Under the Cork Tree], we just wanted to expand on," Stump said, more seriously.

"There's really nothing worse than when bands make 'interesting' second records," Wentz added. "Nobody likes that."

The Chicago rockers are actually currently working on their fourth LP (their second for major label Island) in a Los Angeles studio, where they've made considerable progress recording drums and guitars. "We're probably halfway through and it's awesome," Stump said. "When we were writing this record, I felt like there's no point in trying to pretend like we're a band we're not. We're just gonna go in and make our record the way we're gonna make it" (see "Fall Out Boy Nearly Done Writing 'Way Different' Next LP").

Neal Avron, who produced From Under the Cork Tree, is again overseeing the band, and the boys are even getting their wish: Babyface will contribute some production too (see "Fall Out Boy Want Babyface To Produce Their Next Album"). So far there are no guests, but that could change.

"I want to bring in people who no one would expect," Wentz said. "Everyone knows who our good friends are now and we put them on our last record: the Academy Is ... and Panic! at the Disco. This year it's like, we made some new friends, like Lil Wayne. Or let's get our boss on there."

Their boss, of course, is Island Def Jam president Jay-Z.

"That might be aiming for the stars," Stump admitted.

In the meantime, Fall Out Boy just turned in a cover of "What's This?" for the forthcoming two-disc "The Nightmare Before Christmas" soundtrack (see "Fall Out Boy, Panic, Marilyn Manson Add To New 'Nightmare Before Christmas' Soundtrack").