From Crunk To Yeek — Ciara Steps In A New Direction For Goodies Follow-Up

Singer promises new crop of producers on second LP.

NEW YORK — Lean wit it, rock wit it ... now yeek wit it?

Ciara is still on the road supporting her debut album, Goodies, but the Atlanta-bred vixen is already hard at work on her sophomore project, The Evolution, which she emphasized will feature a number of new producers and two-step-inspired breaks.

"I'm giving you music you can yeek to," Ciara said last week during a trip to New York for the Video Music Awards, referring to an ATL dance embraced by Outkast in "The Way You Move" video, among others. "You see it in my video for
'Get Up,' " she noted (see "Ciara Dances In The Dark With Chamillionaire In 'Get Up' Video" and the "Dancing in Hotlanta" section of "My Block: Atlanta").

"We used to yeek in Atlanta — it's an energy that's crazy," she explained. "It's cool, heavy [on] 808 [drum machines]. Unfortunately, back then it was never given the opportunity to be exposed worldwide. So I feel like, as I'm given the chance to do it, I'm gonna embrace it [on my next album]."

For The Evolution, Ciara explained she didn't want to be boxed in to just one type of sound. The singer, who has been dubbed the "First Lady of Crunk & B" (a term she's said she's very tired of), was quick to point out that only one track from Goodies was heavily drenched with the riotous sounds of crunk.

Even now, she noted, she's hesitant to discuss her new sound beyond the fact that she's working with a host of new names and her LP will include contributions from regulars like Jazze Pha.

"I didn't want to give out a name, because then people will say, 'Oh, Ciara is doing this kind of music now.' Because on my first album they kept calling me [the First Lady of Crunk & B], but I only had, like, one song," she said (see "Ciara Stays Tight-Lipped About Her Next Batch Of Goodies"). "Now, I'm excited about all the new producers I'm working with. They're actually new, they've never been on any artist's album, period. And that's special to me because that's what their dream is and I'm giving them the chance to do it. To me it's all about that new person and that new energy."

The singer also revealed she'll be taking a more active role on her album, including writing and producing tracks.

"Oh my goodness," she exclaimed. "Everything is so exciting, honestly. There's so many things going on right now and to just be able to grow [artistically] and have this, I'm appreciating everything, every moment of it. I think everyone will like it when they hear it. The energy — I'm taking it to another level."