Red-Carpet Entourages: Who Were The Stars Rolling With At The VMAs?

What fun are the VMAs if you have to come by yourself?

No star would dream of arriving at the Video Music Awards alone — they bring their "people." You've seen them getting out of the limos and in the audience, but who are they? Here's a look at some of the entourages that rolled to this year's VMAs:

VMA stars: 50 Cent and LL Cool J

Traveling with a party of: 7

Entourage members: Simone Smith, LL's wife; Dennis Dennehy, 50's publicist; James Cruz, head of marketing at Violator Management; Chris Lighty, 50's manager; Young Hov, friend of 50 and LL (not to be confused with Young Hova, Jay-Z); Pretty Sha, 50's longtime friend; Barry Wilkins, 50's friend

How they roll: "Coming to the VMAs with 50 and LL is ... I gotta go. We have to get 50 somewhere," Cruz began before having to bolt.

VMA star: Diddy

Traveling with a party of: 10

Entourage members: Harve Pierre, executive vice president of Bad Boy; Bella Capricorn, Diddy's personal assistant; Jackie Long, an assistant, friend and actor ("ATL," "Idlewild"); Cara Donatto, publicist; various other security personnel, friends and business associates

How they roll: "Getting Diddy here takes a small village, a lot of hotness and a mirror," Capricorn said with a smile.

VMA star: Justin Timberlake

Traveling with a party of: 3

Entourage members: Sonya Muckle, publicist; two bodyguards

How they roll: "Make it quick — you can get one shot," Muckle ordered photographers clamoring for pics of JT

VMA star: Yung Joc

Traveling with a party of: 4

Entourage members: Rico Brooks, manager; Russell "Block" Spencer, CEO of Block Entertainment; Hamo, hulking security guard; Zo, newest member of Boyz N Da Hood

How they roll: "Hey man, we're ecstatic to be here," Brooks said.

VMA stars: Pussycat Dolls

Traveling with a party of: 3

Entourage members: Jeff Haddad, manager; Bryan "Froggy" Cross, tour manager; Dave Tomberlin, publicist

How they roll: "It's the best when you got six girls that look like this," Cross said of arriving with PCD. "It's nothin' but pleasure."

VMA star: Pharrell

Traveling with a party of: 4

Entourage members: Rob Walker, manager; Amanda Silverman, publicist; Nigo, business partner and owner of A Bathing Ape clothing; Loik, vice president of Star Trak Entertainment

How they roll: "Peace. I'll get up with you," Pharrell said before being whisked down the red carpet.

VMA star: Scott Storch

Traveling with a party of: 4

Entourage members: Nox, artist signed to Storch; Ms. Russia, artist signed to Storch; Dave Gutierez, Storch's manager; Derek "L.A." Jackson, Storch's other manager
How they roll: "It's definitely a pleasure and privilege to be here at the VMAs with Scott," said Gutierez. "He's a good friend of mine, and he's very talented. I'm excited for him."

VMA star: Hulk Hogan

Traveling with a party of: 4

Entourage members: Linda Hogan, the Hulk's wife; Brooke Hogan, daughter/ aspiring singer; Nick Hogan, son; Stack$, family friend and rapper signed to Scott Storch's label

How they roll: "It's crazy to see how loved and respected they are," Stack$ said of the wrestling legend and his family. "It keeps me going and shows me where I need to be in my career."

VMA star: T.I.

Traveling with a party of: 5

Entourage members: Young Dro, childhood friend, signed to Tip's Grand Hustle Entertainment; Sydney Margetson, publicist; DJ Drama, T.I.'s show DJ; security guards

How they roll: "Coming to the VMAs gets crazy," Margetson said of getting ready for the red carpet. "We don't just show up. It's days of preparation. I'll go, 'Will you do this, will you do that?' I explain everything to T.I. a week in advance."

VMA star: Method Man

Traveling with a party of: 2

Entourage members: Tyrese, friend; Tammy Brook, publicist for both men

How they roll: "Entourages are only appropriate at certain times," said Brook of the decision not to bring a large posse. "It's gotta be a select entourage."

VMA stars: G-Unit (Young Buck, Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo)

Traveling with a party of: 4

Entourage members: Spider Loc, West Coast G-Unit MC; Sha Money XL, 50's longtime confidante/producer/president of G-Unit Records; Wise, friend of the G-Unit family; 6-foot-2 friend of the G-Unit family

How they roll: "We just have the whole family here," Sha Money said. "We coming to let them know G-Unit is representing, and hopefully we'll take some awards."

VMA star: Cassie

Traveling with a party of: 1

Entourage member: Ryan Leslie, Cassie's producer and friend

How they roll: "It's lonely at the top," said Leslie of why Cassie kept her squad to a minimum. "Cassie wanted to isolate herself from everything that's going on. It's my job to keep her focused."

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