50 Cent Sued By Two Women Over 2004 Concert Altercation

Plaintiffs claim they were injured and feared for their lives during show.

50 Cent was hit earlier this month with a civil lawsuit filed by two Massachusetts women who claim that they were trampled and buried under a crowd rush and battered by the rapper during a May 2004 performance at the Hippodrome in Springfield, Massachusetts.

The suit — filed August 16 against 50, Lloyd Banks and the Hippodrome — came more than a year after the G-Unit boss (born Curtis Jackson) avoided a jail sentence by taking a plea deal on three counts of assault and battery in connection with the incident, in which the rapper allegedly jumped into the crowd after being hit in the head with a water bottle (see "50 Cent Performance Cut Short After Fan Throws Water At Him").

According to the suit filed in Hampden County Superior Court by Tara Lambert and Nina Gaudioso on claims of negligence and battery, the two women said they were "trampled and buried" under falling audience members near the "densely packed" front of the stage and battered by 50 Cent in the melee that ensued when he jumped off the stage. The suit claims that after 50 landed on both women, Banks stepped on Lambert's neck and face.

The women — who are seeking $25,000 or more each in the suit — said they were injured in the incident, suffering contusions and sprains and "placed in fear of their lives." They claim hospital expenses of more than $3,000, more than $4,000 in physical therapy costs and $3,000 for MRI scans and other tests, as well as $800 in doctor bills.

The alleged incident occurred at an invite-only concert for a local radio station at the Hippodrome nightclub on May 10, 2004, during which 50 made a surprise appearance alongside Banks.

As part of his plea deal in the criminal case last year, 50 Cent was ordered to stay off drugs for two years and undergo random drug screenings during that time in order to have the charges removed from his record (see "50 Cent Avoids Jail With Plea Agreement"). He was also ordered to attend anger-management counseling, produce an educational anti-violence public service announcement and was banned from carrying a gun in Massachusetts. The judge ordered 50 to pay $3,000 in court costs as well as make restitution to the victims for their out-of-pocket medical expenses.

A spokesperson for 50's label could not be reached for comment at press time. According to Richard Jordan, the women's attorney, settlement negotiations with 50's representative have been going on for some time, but the offers that have been made so far have been "totally inadequate."