Green Day Get Back In The Studio To Work On Next Album

Band writing new material following summer break.

The guys in Green Day are a lot like you — except they've sold millions of records worldwide. So with Labor Day just around the corner, they too have ended their summer vacations and are returning to the humdrum, workaday world.

But they aren't heading back to a burger chain or the Gap, rather they're returning to the recording studio to officially begin work on the follow-up to 2004's massive American Idiot.

On Monday, the band posted on that it has put away the sunscreen and is hard at work on a brand new (and already hotly anticipated) album. And while additional details remain scarce, a spokesperson for the band's label, Reprise Records, did confirm that writing is underway at an undisclosed studio in California's East Bay area.

The spokesperson went on to note that it is still very early in the recording process, and that Green Day have not settled on a producer, title or release date for the new album.

Work on that album began in earnest back in May, when the band posted on their Web site that it had begun working on various "cool projects" (see "Green Day End Their Vacation To Work On Mysterious 'Cool Projects' "). Then, in early June, the band filled MTV News in on the progress of said projects — and various trips to Ikea — adding that they had begun recording demos and that the new record would be "an event," not just a standard LP (see "Green Day Promise Next Album Will Be 'An Event' ").

But with Monday's announcement, it appears that official business has, uh, officially begun on the new album. And while it remains to be seen just how Green Day plan on following up American Idiot — an album that sold more than 5 million copies in the U.S. and won the Grammy for Best Rock Album — the band promised a full update on the new record would be posted on its Web site next week.

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