New DVD Releases: 'Poseidon,' 'Silent Hill,' 'Just My Luck'

Plus: Noir classic 'Double Indemnity,' TV series 'Invasion' and 'Veronica Mars.'

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"Poseidon" Two-Disc Special Edition (2006)

Renowned action director Wolfgang Petersen had his hands full re-imagining Irwin Allen's classic 1972 disaster epic "The Poseidon Adventure," but the building tension of ever more death-defying fire and water stunts make for a thrilling ride. Like the original, "Poseidon" takes place on an enormous, state-of-the-art luxury liner that's been overturned by a freak tidal wave. The plot follows the waterlogged survivors, led by Josh Lucas and Kurt Russell, through the ship's deadly maze as they attempt to escape.

Warner Home Video has included the following extras in this two-disc special edition:

  • "Poseidon: A Ship on a Soundstage" documentary
  • "Rogue Waves" History Channel documentary
  • "A Shipmate's Diary"
  • "Poseidon: Upside Down" featurette on set design
  • Theatrical trailer

"Silent Hill" (2006)

French director Christophe Gans follows up his 2001 period/action/horror hybrid, "Brotherhood of the Wolf," with this live-action adaptation of Konami's popular video game franchise "Silent Hill." "Pulp Fiction" scribe Roger Avary leaves out much of the game's devious puzzles in favor of a streamlined story line about Rose (Radha Mitchell) and her adopted daughter Sharon's (Jodelle Ferland) journey to gloomy Silent Hill to confront Sharon's recurring nightmares about the mysterious town. Gans faithfully re-creates the game's overwhelming atmosphere of dread, as well as its various CGI specters, elevating this video game adaptation well above such recent failures as Uwe Boll's "BloodRayne" and "Alone in the Dark."

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has included the following extras:

  • "Path of Darkness: 'Silent Hill' Production Diaries"
  • "Part One: Origins of Silent Hill"
  • "Part Two: Casting the Film"
  • "Part Three: Building Silent Hill (the town)"
  • "Part Four: Stars and Stunts"
  • "Part Five: Creature Choreography"
  • "Part Six: Constructing the Creepy Creatures From the Film"

"Just My Luck" (2006)

Director Donald Petrie, whose previous films include Sandra Bullock's "Miss Congeniality" and Kate Hudson's "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days," delivers yet another entertaining, light-as-air romantic comedy, this time starring Lindsay Lohan. Lohan plays Ashley, a girl with so much good fortune — the perfect apartment, the perfect job, the perfect clothes — that she doesn't appreciate any of it until a cruel twist causes it to all go away after she kisses a mystery man at a party. Now she must track down the unwitting culprit, Jake (Chris Pine), a lovable loser who can't explain his sudden run of good luck.

Fox Home Video has included the following extras in this two-disc special edition:

  • "Look of Luck" featurette
  • McFly behind-the-scenes featurette
  • Deleted scenes

"Double Indemnity" Universal Legacy Series (1944)

Legendary director Billy Wilder and famed crime novelist Raymond Chandler's classic remains one of the best examples of film noir ever made, and ranks right up there with some of the greatest Hollywood pictures of all time. "Indemnity" features career-defining performances from its two leads, Barbara Stanwyck and Fred MacMurray, as well as an excellent supporting turn by Edward G. Robinson. Stanwyck plays Phyllis Dietrichson, a femme fatale with a mind for murder — specifically her husband's — so she can collect his insurance policy. Enter mild-mannered insurance agent Walter Neff (MacMurray), who Phyllis wraps so tightly around her finger that he commits the crime — and they almost get away with it too. That is, until Neff's boss Barton Keyes (Robinson) starts an investigation of his own.

Universal Studios Home Entertainment has included the following extras in this two-disc special edition:

  • Commentary from film historians Richard Schickel, Lem Dobbs and Nick Redman
  • "Shadows of Suspense" documentary
  • "Double Indemnity" 1973 made-for-TV movie starring Richard Crenna and Samantha Eggar

"Invasion" The Complete Series (2005)

Capitalizing on the success of the "normal people, incredible occurrences" formula of popular sci-fi series "Lost," "Invasion" begins with a scene ripped right from the nightly news: a devastating hurricane bearing down on a small town. The winds and rain leave a path of destruction in their wake, effectively isolating Homestead, Florida, from the outside world, but did the storm bring something else, something evil into this idyllic community? This TV update of the seminal fright-flick "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" features alien pods, creepy clones and even more slimy fun than its source.

In addition to all 22 episodes of the series, Warner Home Video has included the following extras in this six-DVD set:

  • "Invading the Mind of Shaun Cassidy" featurette
  • Missing scenes
  • Gag reel

"Veronica Mars: Complete Second Season" (2005)

Following in the grand tradition of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," "Veronica Mars" offers a young female role model who often finds herself in extraordinary circumstances and, like any real girl, finds the strength to overcome her fears. Rising star Kristen Bell plays the modern-day Nancy Drew who, after solving the murder of her best friend in season one, must again work with her father/private detective, Keith (Enrico Colantoni), to investigate a terrible accident that sent a bus carrying several students from Veronica's school over a cliff — a bus that Veronica was meant to be on.

In addition to all 22 episodes of the second season, Warner Home Video has included the following extras in this six-DVD set:

  • "A Day on the Set with Veronica Mars" featurette
  • "Veronica Mars: Not Your Average Teen Detective" featurette
  • Deleted scenes
  • Gag reel

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