Chamillionaire Hits Up MTV News About His Traveling Misadventures

Rapper details Canadian Customs issues, European power outages in Blackberry message.

Chamillionaire fans, don't worry: His tour abroad hasn't exactly been peachy, but he still has his smile.

The rapper ran into customs problems in Canada, then he and Mother Nature had a falling out in Europe when weather problems killed the lights.

Chamillionaire hit up MTV News via Blackberry, and the following is firsthand insight into some of his travel problems:

"I did a lot of shows in Canada, and we accepted checks on the front end through management and cash on the back end because we wanted to make sure that we were fully paid before I ever left the hotel to do any shows. I wanted to make sure we never had to deal with any checks bouncing, considering that our banks were not easy to find outside of the U.S.

"I was already in Canada when they gave me the date that I was gonna be shooting the Frankie J. video [for the song 'That Girl']. So I left Canada, had to fly to Miami to shoot the video, and then fly back the next morning. We didn't have time to get cashier's checks 'cause we were running a little late and you have to be at customs two hours in advance instead of one hour.

"Goin' through customs is nooooooo joke. Man, I must've counted that money 100 times cuz the officers straight-up said that if I was off, then they were gonna take the difference. I don't even wanna say how much it was. They knew [my #1 single 'Ridin' ' (see "Chamillionaire Won't Just Ride Out 'Ridin' — He Wants To Be A 'Career Artist' ")] and were askin' all types of questions like how much does my watch cost and my chain and everything. I thought they were joking, but they really wanted answers. I told them all the jewelry was a gift. Didn't wanna tell them what it was worth. And the funny thing is that they were askin' me all the jewelry questions before I even told them that I was bringing money through. ... So they were lookin' at me real crazy after that. Next time we will wake up earlier and allow some time to get cashier's checks.

"Now we are in Europe and the worst part about everything is that the [Euro] is worth, like, double what the American dollar is worth. I gave the bellman a $10 tip, and he was lookin' at it like it was trash. LOL. I spent $150 to mail a U.S. package and $80 for appetizers.

"The power went out in a big block of London, and we were without water and lights for a while. This lady kept saying, 'Oh, don't worry about a shower.' It was killin' me. When the water came back on, I had to take a two-hour shower just to make up for what I missed. They brought candles and everything for light. I felt like I was camping out in the woods or something. LOL. Can't wait to get back to the States and take a break.

"The wall plugs out here are different in Europe than they were in Canada, so my laptop and phone were all dead. And when I got the correct wall plug, I realized that my service doesn't work out here. I been goin' through it, but to sell records you gotta do what you gotta do.

"I had to still do all the radio interviews and phone interviews we scheduled in the dark hotel. ... It was funny. I felt like I was tellin' ghost stories. LOL. We videotaped a lot of it so when I get back into the U.S. and drop my DVD, that will be funny. ... Brushin' our teeth with sparkling-water bottles for water. Not cool ... ha ha."