Hell Hath No Fury Like Long-Awaited Clipse LP Slated For Halloween

Brothers' first album in four years features Pharrell, reflects darker attitude.

NEW YORK — Yes, it really does exist.

There've been rumors about the Clipse's long-awaited Hell Hath No Fury for years (see "Clipse Plan 'Street Hip-Hop At Its Finest' After All-Star Tour"), and they finally unveiled the album Wednesday.

The Neptunes went hard with the beats, and brothers Pusha T and Malice brought even slicker rhymes, making the project twice as nice as their debut, Lord Willin'.

Originally, the Virginia duo were going to fill the album with songs they'd been sitting on for years. But as more and more time passed, the brothers' attitude took a decidedly darker turn, and they wanted that to be reflected in their music.

So they scrapped most of the original record and hit the studio. The MCs feel the music is so harsh, it's only appropriate that they release it on October 31.

"It's just fitting. Halloween — let the demons loose," Malice said at Battery Studio. "It's a fresh album. There's no way we could use the same album; we're in a totally different place. You can hear what we've been through. It's good to let people in on it. It's been sitting up, and it's good to let the cat out of the bag. The feedback has been good. It's a classic. ... It's going to be reminiscent of classic East Coast hip-hop."

"Sitting here with everybody else, I'm seeing it as everybody else is seeing it, all the writers and everybody's eyes," Pusha said about the journalists previewing the LP. "Then just comparing it to everything else, it's like we getting a musical album with different sounds, and it's a good body of work."

They feel records like the violent "Chinese New Year" will never get play on the radio. There's also a record called "Mama I'm Sorry," where they proclaim to not be afraid of "Crockett and Tubbs" — "It's just a play on words," Pusha laughed. "A play on 'Miami Vice' and police."

The Clipse say that around the same time Hell Hath comes out, they want to drop a movie to coincide with it.

"We're doing 'Hell Hath No Fury' the movie, and the soundtrack is all [our crew's] Re-Up Gang music," Pusha noted. "We're trying to get the soundtrack together. We already have great music. It's just a family soundtrack. You're not going to hear any other artist outside the family.

"I'm not sure when we're gonna start shooting, but we're about to write it up," he continued. "It's basically like [Jay-Z's film] 'Streets Is Watching.' It's gonna be a defining moment. It's the album, seven videos off of it, narrated, and the story line is what we've been doing the past four years on hiatus. The videos fit around the story."

Pharrell, Slim Thug, the Re-Up Gang and Roscoe P. Coldchain appear on the album.

If you want to hear more about the Clipse, including a look into a dispute they were involved in with Pharrell and Jay-Z, check out next week's Mixtape Monday.