Ashlee Simpson Hosts Pajama Party, Says She Needs Rest

Singer will take time with next LP, potential film roles after wrapping up tour.

NEW YORK — Ashlee Simpson is thinking pink.

To help wind down her summer tour, the singer hosted a pink-themed pajama party Wednesday at New York's Hudson River Park, where fans snatched up pink fleece blankets, throw pillows and stuffed dogs to clutch while watching a free show and a screening of (what else?) "Pretty in Pink." The goodies were donations from Victoria's Secret, which was also celebrating the launch of its new loungewear collection, Pink.

(Click here for photos from the party.)

"It represents a young, sassy, a more rock kind of girl," Simpson said, "and I like to lounge around the house in that kind of stuff — booty shorts, boxers, cute little tanks. It's what I would wear and what my boyfriend thinks I look cute in. I used to have pajama parties too — and I still do: All of us girls put on our pajamas and watch DVDs in the back of the bus."

Rumors were bandied about that Simpson would be Victoria's Secret's new spokesperson, but as happy as she seems to spout the company line, she hasn't accepted any such position. And it's doubtful Simpson has had any pajama parties on this scale.

After all, what other pajama party would boast guests such as heartthrob du jour Jesse Metcalfe walking the pink carpet? Or freebie cotton candy and regular candy stands (all pink, red and white goodies, of course)? Or drinks in the VIP bar made with a new energy vodka called Pink that's only available in New York? As New York Post gossip columnist Cindy Adams would say, "Only in New York, kids, only in New York."

Though the screening of "Pretty in Pink" was supposed to be part of the draw, it was clear from the mass exodus after Simpson's five-song performance that the main attraction was her show. And considering her tour ends July 28 in Milwaukee (see "Ashlee Simpson Ready To Hit Road For U.S. Summer Tour"), it's probably one of the last times she'll perform for the time being. She's got other plans to keep her busy, and they're not all music-related.

"I'm actually going on vacation, so I'm relaxing and chilling for a while," Simpson said. And after that, "I'm going to make a new record, and I'm taking my time with that, and I'm going to be looking at scripts, so it'll be a while. You won't be hearing anything for a while."

As for those scripts, Simpson's hoping to find a classic-yet-unique character to play, like Molly Ringwald's Andie Walsh — who's stood the test of time these past 20 years.

The singer/actress, who had a supporting role in last year's "Undiscovered," said she's attracted to more "indie-style" films, and while she doesn't want to be typecast, she's more interested in "little quirky characters." "Those are the ones I know I'll have to stretch out of myself to become," she said. "That's what I want right now. But I'm not necessarily jumping into one certain role. I want to have a more diverse career."