Chris Brown's Looking To Get Gritty Like 50 Cent In His Next Film Role

Teenage crooner wants to get 'serious' after dancing flick, summer tour.

LOS ANGELES — Chris Brown is getting tired of being sweet.

"I'm looking at some serious roles that would take me out of the kiddie — well, not kiddie — but the sweet Chris Brown that everybody knows," the singer said of his budding film career. "It would be more of a life-challenging Chris Brown, like how 50 Cent's story was [in 'Get Rich or Die Tryin' '], more along the lines of playing a role like that."

Brown has been reading scripts and tossing around some of his own ideas, but for now he's happy to talk up his acting debut, in the dance movie tentatively titled "Steppin'." The film, which co-stars Brown's friend Ne-Yo, is due in early 2007 (see "Singles, Film, All-Star Tour: Chris Brown Says 'Gimme That' ").

"It's not like it's a wack movie where you just waiting to see the dancing — you really are interested from top to bottom in the story," Brown said. "I was amped. I was on the set like, 'What y'all need me to do? What lines y'all need me to say? I'm ready!' "

The title of the movie may end up changing due to a similarly titled dance flick called "Step Up," which is due in August. Coincidently, that movie's soundtrack features Brown's next single, the break-up ballad "Say Goodbye," for which he just shot a video.

"I was pulled between two girls — one girl I want to leave and one girl I want to talk to, so it was hard," he grinned, describing the clip.

Since shooting the "Say Goodbye" video, Brown has been rehearsing his headlining show for this summer's Up Close and Personal Tour, which kicks off July 17 in Cincinnati. Ne-Yo, Lil Wayne, Dem Franchize Boys and Juelz Santana are also on the bill (see "Chris Brown To Join Ne-Yo, Dem Franchize Boyz On The Road" ).

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"It's gonna be a lot different," Brown said of his set, comparing it to his recent club outing. "The choreography's gonna change, the stage presence is gonna change a lot. A lot of screaming girls in the crowd — that doesn't change, but there's gonna be a lot of energy."

Brown's also hoping to coordinate a lot of collaboration between the artists, onstage and off: "A lot of us bring the studio on the bus, so hopefully we can get that poppin'."

After the trek wraps in September, Brown plans to make his second album. He's shooting for the first single to drop in January and the album in May.

"I'm gonna talk a little bit more on subjects, but I'm gonna have fun with it as well," Brown said.

His wish list of producers includes Kanye West, Will.I.Am, Pharrell, Timbaland and Swizz Beatz. "And Scott Storch, of course," Brown added. " 'Cause he got me the first time and the third time [singles 'Run It!' and 'Gimme That'], so I gotta keep rockin' with him."

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