Wolfmother Hope More Dudettes Hop Onto Their 'Love Train'

Band shoots new video, getting sick of 'balding middle-aged' men.

Wolfmother have spent the past five months waging a wild-haired rock assault on audiences from New York to Nevada, traversing purple mountains and fruited plains with guitars blaring and pant legs flaring. And over the course of their travels, they've come to appreciate some of the, uh, finer elements of life on the road in the U.S.

"We love it all. We love the latitudes and the longitudes and the altitudes, the platitudes and the dudes — and the dudettes," frontman Andrew Stockdale laughed. "It's something that every band dreams about doing — making it here in America — and we've been able to do that. We get to play music all the time, we get to meet lots of cool people all over the place. People are so much friendlier to us now because we're in a band and they like our music. And believe me, we take advantage of that."

We totally believe you, dude. Because with a pair of buzz-heavy turns — at South by Southwest in March (see "South By Southwest: An Embarrassment Of Rock Riches Despite The Crowds") and then Coachella in April (see "Madonna, Kanye Just Add To Coachella's Eclectic Atmosphere") — plus a string of sold-out North American dates under their studded belts, we're sure there have been good times aplenty for the three Aussie lads (see "Wild Afros, Raging Riffs, Trippy Lyrics: Wolfmother Live Up To Their Name").

"All these great things have happened to us, but some things stay the same. That's the dichotomy of success. It drives people insane because they're unhappy even though they've had so much success," Stockdale said. "It's not going to change you, it's not going to change your inner being, unless you're in a three-way orgy getting your ass waxed, because that may make you feel better."

It's getting tougher to fit all that waxing into their daily schedule. Because, thanks to the success of their first single — "Woman" has become a staple on rock radio — and a solid showing for their self-titled debut, which bowed at #22 on the Billboard albums chart, Wolfmother are keeping plenty busy.

They've just shot a video for their next Stateside single, "Love Train" — which can currently be heard blasting in a series of iTunes ads — with director Jay Martin, who describes the clip as a combination of "band portraits and epic, heroic performance." And in August they'll return to the U.S. for a brief run of shows, including appearances at San Diego's Street Scene (August 4), Chicago's Lollapalooza (August 5) and Auburn, Washington's EndFest (August 12).

While the prospect of another U.S. run has Wolfmother sufficiently psyched, there's one thing they'd like to see change the next time they rock a city near you.

"Too many guys come to our shows, because it's loud and aggressive.

Girls come to our shows and they get crushed," Stockdale said. "By the end of the show, you've got some overweight, balding middle-aged dude cornering us in the back being like, 'I love your band!' Maybe we need to write some more power ballads. Or get some electro/'80s/new-wave thing happening and get some asymmetrical haircuts. And then we'll get heaps of chicks coming to our shows."