T.I. Joins Beyonce, Puts It Down 'For The Young Ladies' With Justin

Rapper just shot video for next single with Jamie Foxx.

LOS ANGELES — Hip-hop's king has been recording with pop royalty.

"I just collaborated with Beyoncé for her album, Justin Timberlake for his new album," T.I. revealed backstage at the BET Awards. "We gettin' money around here."

T.I.'s not spilling too much about either song but said the latter was produced by Timbaland.

"It's sayin' we really put it down for the young ladies," T.I. said of the Timberlake track. "I think we gonna do good from Bankhead [Court, the housing project where T.I. was raised,] to Berlin. I think it's gonna go down."

Along with Beyoncé and Justin, T.I. will also appear on new albums from Young Jeezy and Young Buck and several of his own Grand Hustle artists, including Big Kuntry and Governor.

Young Dro, whose Grand Hustle debut, Best Thang Smokin', is due September 12, also features Tip on his new single, "Shoulder Lean."

"It's just a little relaxin' song for all playas," Dro said, sitting next to T.I. "We ain't doin' too much dancing. We just be leanin'."

In the meantime, T.I. is continuing to promote King, which debuted at #1 in March (see "T.I. Says #1 Is A Position He Should've Had From The Start"). Over last weekend, he shot a video for his next single, "Live in the Sky," with Jamie Foxx.

"It's about the trials and tribulations that I've been through from the life I used to live to the life I'm now fortunate enough to live," T.I. said. "And just paying respect to my cousin and some of my homeboys that didn't make it to see the day and one of my friends who is doing life right now."

T.I. is also already working on his next album, which he's calling T.I. vs. Tip, and lining up a big-screen follow-up to "ATL."

"We don't know exactly what I'm doing next, man, but I have a lot of opportunities to stand alongside some very heavy hitters in the film industry, and I plan to take full advantage," the rapper said.

At Tuesday's BET Awards, T.I. performed and also won the Best Male Hip-Hop Artist award.

"This is a lot of hard work paying off," he said. "This award — every award and every song and every album, every project Grand Hustle releases now from now on — is dedicated to my homeboy Philant."

Philant Johnson, T.I.'s former personal assistant and lifelong friend, was killed last month in a shooting after a T.I. show outside of Cincinnati (see "Deadly Shooting Causes T.I. To Re-Evaluate His Life").

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